3 Tips for an Easier Renovation Clean Up

renovation clean up

renovation clean up

Taking that brave step to make some changes in your home is a memorable life event. Whether it’s a kitchen upgrade or a new bathroom installation, a home renovation is a big job not only because of the actual work required but also because of the mess involved and the clean-up after the renovation is finished.

If this is one of your worries, below are some things that you can do to keep things under control.

  • Declutter

Renovation work will be easier if you take the time to declutter before starting any job. It will also be an opportunity to get rid of old furniture and appliances that you’ve meant to upgrade. If you’ve been holding onto them just because you can’t be bothered to think of how to dispose of them, hiring Evergreen Junk Removal service for Junk Removal In Miami is the solution to this. They can collect the bulky items you want to get rid of, and they will dispose of them for you.

While you’re at it, you may also want to start removing your belongings from the room that will be renovated. This includes furniture, decorations, and even the small items that may get in the way when the contractors start on the job.

  • Cover heavy appliances and furniture

There may be instances when furniture or appliances are too heavy to move around. To keep them from getting damaged or dusty during renovation, you can cover them up with plastic or a piece of thick fabric. This will not only keep debris and dust from getting into hard to clean places, but it will also protect the finish and keep it from getting scratched.

  • Isolate the room

If you’re only going to have one room or a section of the house renovated, the after renovation clean up will be easy if you isolate it from the rest of your home. You can discuss this with the contractor to keep the debris and dust from spreading everywhere else.

You can do this by sealing off the room with plastic sheets or flaps to keep dust from getting out through the door cracks.

It will also help if you come up with a makeshift path for the contractors to walk on while they’re doing the renovation job. This way, you can keep them from making mud and dust tracks when they go in and out of the house.

There are many ways to minimize the dirt and mess created during a renovation job, and you’re sure to find one that will be effective for you. The mess shouldn’t keep you from upgrading your house and finally achieving that Pinterest-worthy look that you’ve always wanted. Cleaning up is easy, but you don’t need to wait until the job is finished to start. If you do it before, during, and after, the final clean-up will be easy and fast for you.

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