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Homeowners in warm to moderate climates have enjoyed the energy efficiency of heat pumps for decades. Heat pumps have many advantages over traditional gas or electric furnaces and air conditioning units. Instead of two separate systems, a heat pump does the job of both. But if your system is 10 to 15 years old, now may be the right time to consider replacing it — and here are several reasons why. SEER Rating The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, is a measure of how efficient your heat pump is at

There are many reasons why homeowners should reduce energy use in their home. Not only does it reduce your utility bills, but it also is better for the environment. The less power we use, the less we are reliant on non-sustainable sources of energy. Fortunately, many of the ways we can reduce our energy use involve developing good habits. A few selective, strategic investments are worthwhile. Here are some things you can do to slow down that electric meter. Programmable Thermostats With a programmable thermostat, you can preset the temperature There are many great things about summer, but trying to sleep when it’s hot and sticky isn’t one of them. Not only is it hard to fall asleep when you’re too warm, but tossing and turning to find a comfortable position only makes things worse. Cranking the air conditioning is certainly a solution, but running the AC all day and all night isn’t energy efficient and can send your power bills skyrocketing — that is, if you even have an AC. So how can you balance keeping your room

Are you sick of waiting for your streaming movies to buffer? The problem is probably your internet! Here’s how to improve WiFi speeds and end the frustration. There it goes again! That annoying spinning circle in the middle of your screen during a movie. And it always seems to happen at the absolute worst moments. Are you frustrated about the speed (or lack thereof) at which your WiFi runs? There are actually several simple ways to improve WiFi speeds. Give these 5 a try and see if you notice any

As advanced as plumbing services are today, there are issues that simply cannot be avoided. Plumbing systems are constantly functioning until the inevitable failures occur – this is simply a fact, almost a law of nature unto itself. Physical processes will invariably take their toll on everything, but there are certain things you can do to prevent that from happening. This article will look at three common autumn-related plumbing issues, and try to offer advice on how to proactively deal with them. Tree Roots And Drainage Especially towards the end

8 Kitchen Pantry Ideas to Take Inspiration From Whether you’re trying to get organized, have a more stylish space, or a little bit of both, these 8 kitchen pantry ideas you can take inspiration from will help you get there fast! Pantries can be the heart of your kitchen. It’s where we store food items, small appliances, cookware, and just about anything we need to make a kitchen run efficiently. When you don’t have a kitchen pantry, or it’s not organized right, it can disrupt the way you use your

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