William Penn Life Insurance Review

William Penn Insurance Plans are considered extremely beneficial and approachable, even though it is limited to New York state. New Yorkers, on the other hand, can seek multiple opportunities under the given insurance and search for multiple options that suit their specifications. In this article, we will be reviewing the famous life insurance plan with its benefits.

The Insurance 

William Penn life insurance is a company founded in 1963 based in New York and its policies are limited to New York State. The company is functioning as a subsidiary under Legal & General. The company is famous and much sought after because of its competent insurance plans. Further, its 40-year term plan is known for giving the best coverage than any other existing insurance plan.


The insurance firm is a reliable and credible source for seeking the most competitive life insurance policies. Some vital benefits are:

  • Multiple Term Span: William Penn’s cover plans are famous for providing many options in terms spanning between 15 to 40 years. This means, as a policy seeker you can get flexible options in the type of coverage you want and for how long you intend to continue with your term length.
  • Availability Of Quotes Online: You can always look for online quotes at the Legal & General website.
  • Fast Processing Of Claims and Payouts: At William Penn, you can expect the fastest approval of your insurance claims and pay-outs in a day or so.
  • Striking Third-Party Rankings: William Penn has earned a significant reputation across the nation owing to its credibility, fast processing, optimum working strategies, and supreme monetary strength. Such qualities have also impacted its image making it a reliable firm.


Even though William Penn is a prominent name, there are also certain cons like with any other insurer. It is worthy to note, that they are comparatively less significant. These include:

  • Limited To New York: The major drawback of William Penn life insurance reach is that it is only limited to New York and its people.
  • Non-Availability of Whole Life Insurance: The plan doesn’t offer whole life cover.
  • Riders: William Penn cover is offering only 3 riders. These are Accelerated Death Benefit Rider, Term Life Insurance Ride, and Children’s Life Insurance Rider.

Kinds Of Cover Plans

William Penn is dealing with two major kinds of policy plans:

  • Term Life Insurance: In this, you can get flexible term length options of 15 to 40 years with a gap of 5 years. That is, you can choose anywhere in between with five years gaps and coverage will be available until age 95 until the policy is active. You get death benefits falling anywhere between $100,000 and $10 million.
  • Universal Life Insurance: This life insurance cover is recognized for providing lifetime protection and coverage until 121 years of age. Further, you can assess the option of adjusting death benefits and flexible payments according to your requirements.


You can always visit William Penn or the Legal & General website to search for policy-related information and quotes. The business proffers satisfactory third-party rankings.


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