Vinyl Versus Hardwood Flooring: Which is Better


Vinyl and hardwood floors are among the best flooring choices available today. It might be difficult for you to determine which of these two choices are suitable for your home, so to help you decide these are some points of comparison you might want to consider.


If you have a tight budget, you need vinyl wood flooring. It is a cheaper alternative to a hardwood floor yet despite that, it incredibly similar and telling the difference would be tricky. However, if you have enough money to splurge, you might prefer an authentic hardwood floor.


Hardwood is an excellent choice if you are looking at longevity. It can stand the test of time because wood is a sturdy material. The only downside is that wood is not as water-resistant as vinyl. It is not advisable to use hardwood in areas that are exposed to a high amount of moisture like a kitchen or bathroom. Vinyl will also last a long time even if it is not as hard as wood, feels softer on the feet and is very water resistant – perfect for kitchens or bathrooms.


You’ll need professionals to install either wood or vinyl, as you cannot do the job yourself in case you destroy the material or you don’t get it right, with the result being displeasing. However, if you are looking at how long the installation might take, it is a lot faster to install vinyl as it does not require the removal of the subfloor to install it. Therefore if you want to see the results quickly, you should go with vinyl.


Both options need maintenance to ensure that they will last a long time, however wood requires regular waxing and cleaning to keep it shiny compared to vinyl which does not require the same level of maintenance. To remove the debris from the surface of vinyl, you can sweep it off with a regular broom or can also use a vacuum cleaner if you have one. For spilt liquid, you can use a regular mop as since vinyl is waterproof, it is easy to clean the surface using a mop. You can also use the same with wood, but it will start to weaken over time if you regularly spill liquid on it.

Overall appeal

Regarding visual appeal, both are great options. You can choose wood of different shades or with vinyl you can even customise the design if you wish. If you want something that mimics hardwood, it is possible. Both are excellent choices because of their elegance and stunning appeal.

Given these points, it is up to you to determine which one would best complement your house. You need to start by looking at how much you are willing to spend and the availability of the design that is suitable for your home. You can order online if you cannot find the design you want locally. After selecting the flooring, the next step is to call someone to do the installation.

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