5 Reasons to Hire A Lawyer After Getting A Speeding Ticket 

Speeding tickets are more than just a time-consuming nuisance; they can also increase your insurance premiums and add points to your record. While most speeding tickets only require that you pay a fine, there may be more to it than you realize, and that’s why you should hire a lawyer to help you deal with a traffic ticket.

1. Reduced Fines

You may try to get out of your ticket, but there are times when you just must pay the piper. When this happens, a traffic lawyer may be able to get your fines reduced so you pay less. Lawyers are skilled negotiators and are familiar with how the system works, making them more likely to be successful at getting your fine reduced.

2. Protect Your Rights

If your rights were violated during the traffic stop, you may not even realize it. A speeding ticket attorney California is aware of the rights of every citizen in California and can work to protect them when they have been violated.

3. Intimidation Factor

You are entitled to fight your ticket on your own, but the prosecutor isn’t going to be intimidated by someone who doesn’t know how the system works. A lawyer with years of experience in traffic court may hold more sway with the prosecutor and make them more likely to offer you a deal.

4. Fighting Your Ticket

Because lawyers have so much experience working in traffic court, they are familiar with the best ways to fight and get out of a traffic ticket. Your ticket may be written wrong or you may not have done what the officer says you did, and a lawyer knows the best way to prove that in court.

5. Save Money

Most people think traffic ticket lawyers are too expensive to help with a simple ticket, but many lawyers can save you money by fighting your ticket, protecting your rights and reducing your fines. Because these cases are simple, lawyers can complete more of them in a day, so the costs are less than another type of case.

If you have been pulled over and face a fine for speeding or any other traffic violation, the Ticket Clinic can help.  You can contact them by calling, emailing, or using your search engine to search terms like, “suspended license attorney California.” Contact them today to start movements on your case.

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