5 Common Problems That Instagram Users Face

Instagram is a very engaging platform that keeps gaining new users daily. It has a lot of features that let you do many things. You can share pictures, videos, stories, and, recently, even polls for your followers to vote. Additionally, it’s an amazing tool for promoting businesses.

However, Instagram problems are bound to happen to every user. They are either because Instagram itself is down or because there is a problem with your app. If you are wondering about the 5 most common problems, here’s some information.


  • Login Problems


Let’s face it: not being able to log in to your account is annoying. You have this great picture that you want to post, but Instagram doesn’t cooperate. It seriously makes you want to throw your phone out the window.

There can be various causes for this. You either typed your username wrong or your password wrong. So, in case of a wrong password, for example, you may have to reset it if you forgot it. Make sure you have the right email linked so you don’t run into more problems along the way.


  • Posting Problems


It’s so painful not being able to post and like other people’s content. You are hungry for those likes on your new video, but you can’t even share it.

Usually, the common cause for this may be the fact that you were on a spree. That means that you were probably uploading, commenting or liking too much content. There is an anti-spam limit and you have to wait for a while until you’re able to use Instagram again.

Another cause may be the fact that you have a bad Internet signal. However, if you can use other websites, try troubleshooting Instagram.


  • Tagging Problems


Yes, tagging problems are a thing too. You may not be able to tag certain people or some hashtags prevent your picture from appearing in searches.

When you cannot use too many hashtags, it may be because Instagram has a spam limit and may block them. So, you should limit yourself to fewer hashtags.


  • Comment Problems


Not being able to make yourself heard is one of the most annoying things. Although you want to make best use of Instagram tools, the app doesn’t let you. Sometimes, it might not be possible for you to post comments on popular Instagram accounts. That is because Instagram cracks down spammers, and if your profile looks like a spam account, you will have these problems.

If you use more than 30 hashtags, 5 mentions and post the same comment multiple times, you will encounter problems.


  • Following Problems


You want as many Instagram followers as possible, but you also want to “follow” the people you find interesting and inspiring.  However, if you can’t hit that “Follow” button, it might be because you reached the limit. 7,500 people are the most people you can follow. So, you will encounter the “You can’t follow any more people” error.

In the end, every social media platform comes with its own set of problems for users, and Instagram makes no exception. You only need to know the reasons behind these issues and then you may be able to fix them.

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