Working the Web – Shift These 4 Aspects of Your Business Online and Watch the Savings Roll In


Owning a small business can be difficult at times, especially when money is tight. It’s important to be frugal and stick to a budget, saving money where and when you can. Why? One of the main reasons businesses fail in the beginning is a lack of or a misuse of capital. You can avoid becoming part of this statistic by learning ways to save money. Here are several online solutions that will help your business protect and better utilize its capital.

1. Do Away with a Physical Office

If yours is a retail business, this tactic may not apply, but for everyone else, it can lead to major savings each month. If your business can be conducted online and your workers are able to telecommute, a virtual office solution may be just the money-saving tactic you need.

Virtual offices give you and your workers a physical address, a plethora of business-related services, and meeting areas, without the cost of an expensive monthly lease. Even if you work out of the basement of your parents’ house, a virtual office gives your business a professional front.

2. Use a Website Builder

If you’re a new business just starting out, it can be difficult finding the cash necessary to hire a website developer. Using sites like Shopify and Squarespace, however, you can build your own website with little to no technical knowledge.

As your business grows, though, it’s a good idea to eventually invest in a website designed and built by a professional as there are a lot of aspects (like search engine optimization) that need to be included in order for your business to succeed online. Without the expertise of these professionals, your online presence may suffer.

3. Use Freelancers to Save Even More

While every business owner hopes to build a team of dedicated, hard-working employees, hiring and training said employees can be expensive. In the beginning, it’s a good idea to use freelancers and independent contractors, especially if a lot of your business can be done remotely.

Freelancers will only charge you for the work they do, and you don’t have to worry about providing them things like insurance and paid time off. The internet is full of resources for finding freelancers, but a reputable service like Upwork can be invaluable to a new and growing small business on a tight budget.

4. Ship Shape

In a world where free shipping is almost considered to be a basic human right, many smaller businesses have little choice but to absorb part or all of the cost of shipping products to customers. However, for small to medium-sized businesses without the volume clout, this has traditionally been a challenge. However, with cloud-based freight management software systems not only can you streamline your logistics systems, saving precious time and resources, but you can also integrate with the same shipping networks utilised by large corporations, dramatically reducing the costs of moving product.

Operating a small business can be difficult, especially when there’s not enough money to go around. In order to make it work, you have to be mindful of your spending and try to save money every chance you get. If you own a small business, use the tactics listed above to begin saving money that will be better spent helping you grow your business.

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