Why Can Diamonds for Engagement Rings Be Smaller?

When buying an engagement ring, do you always think about the size of the diamond? Do you want your diamonds to look bigger? Or do you prefer a smaller and delicate-looking stone? According to reports, modern and well-rounded women are no longer mindful about the size of the stone on their engagement rings.

However, if you are still wondering if opting for smaller Vancouver diamonds is best for you, check out the following reasons why size does not matter when it comes to getting an engagement ring.

1. A wearable ring is much better. Imagine what you can do with your hands and fingers. Yes, you do a lot of chores with them. If the diamond on your engagement ring is huge, it will get in the way of your important errands and you will need to take it off often.

Additionally, if you are an active person, you will want something wearable with you—something that will not snag on your clothes or the furniture.

2. Quality is much more important than size. This is true in all aspects. If it’s bigger, there is no assurance that it has better quality. The highlight is on the quality, which means you could be spending more and getting slighter. According to 31-year-old bride-to-be Gabby, “I’d rather have something smaller with superb-quality diamonds—something that resonates with my being.” When it comes to quality, you will want to check out those loose argyle pink diamonds for sale first.

3. Subtlety is key. Many enlightened and empowered women think that keeping a low profile is all right. Though celebrities and wannabe influencers are flooding Instagram with their bling, a large percentage of the women population are introverts who don’t like to be in the spotlight. Also, have you heard about what others say, “People who stay off Facebook are happier”? This is how subtlety becomes a major notion.

4. Thoughtful spending is more important. Don’t forget that there are more expenditures you need to purchase later on, especially when you and your partner are about to start a new life. Nowadays, many couples are mindful of being wise with their other expenses. It’s not to say that engagement rings are not important. It’s just about choosing your purchases wisely.

The Final Thought

If you are thinking of opting for smaller diamonds for your engagement ring, then go for it! Based on the reasons we have mentioned, you cannot go wrong with choosing a smaller Vancouver diamond.


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