Ways to Reduce the Cost When Planning a Wedding


Weddings could be expensive. You try your best to prepare everything well, but you reach a point when the costs start going beyond the amount you set. The wedding is just the beginning of your life with your partner. You do not want to begin the journey in debt. While you can, you need to find a way to reduce the cost, using these tips.

Choose digital invitations

Instead of printing your invites, you can send them online. You can also request your guests to RSVP online. In doing so, you do not need to spend money. It is also an environment-friendly solution. As long as the invitation contains everything that your guests need to know, it is okay. You can find someone you know to design the invitation and make it look stunning.

Do not splurge on flowers

Yes, a wedding venue without any flowers would look bare. It does not mean though that you should overwhelm the place with flowers. They could be expensive, but you will throw them away once the wedding is over. No one will care about the flowers anymore. Some varieties might even start to wilt in a few hours. Try to limit the amount you spend on flowers and use that money for other things.

Choose a buffet

Sit-down meals are costlier than a buffet. You will also make your guests feel satisfied with the latter. Find dishes that could feed several people like a hog roast. As long as you cater to everyone’s dietary restriction, it is okay.

Your wedding cake could be the dessert

Slicing the cake is a ceremonial part of the wedding. Most people use the cake for decorative and symbolic purposes only. If you want to be practical, you can serve the cake as a dessert. Once the ceremonial cake slicing is over, you can cut it into pieces and serve it to your guests.

Control what goes out of the bar

Some weddings have an open bar, and guests usually end up getting as much as they want. You do not wish to have a booze-free wedding. However, you can still put a cap on the cost by determining what goes out of it. Spirits, for instance, are expensive. If your guests want them, they need to foot the bill separately.

Do not hire people to provide entertainment

Find people you know to provide free entertainment. You might have relatives or friends who could sing, dance and perform during the event. You can hire a DJ though to keep everyone alive and feeling satisfied. Once good music is on, it is enough for most guests.

Rent a wedding car

When you rent a wedding car, it comes in a complete package. You can choose a comfortable car where you do not have to squeeze yourself in. The vehicle will already have decorations as you wish. You will also have someone driving it. On the wedding day, you will hop inside and relax in your comfortable wedding transport.

With these money-saving tips, you will not spend too much on your big day.

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