Top 3 Extravagant Chair Covers To Look Out For

Chair covers have always been a necessity at most of the occasions for many years now. With time, people are demanding a variety of chair covers both in terms of style and material and the market has upgraded itself to cater to these needs. They are a common sight at get-togethers, office parties, seminars and marriages but they are also debuting in birthday parties and smaller household occasions as well. With the vast expansion of demand, the array of choices that people are presented with within their budget has increased manifold. Nowadays chair covers are created from various materials to suit every occasion whether you’re renovating your home or redecorating your office. Here are some fantastic chair cover materials for you to look at and make a choice:

Chair covers in Poly Poplin

These type of chair covers give you that lovely feel of silk minus the wrinkles. One real movement over it and you fall in love with the softness and smoothness of the material. It never fails to add finesse to your event. Chair covers in poly poplin come in the colours of elegant black, white and ivory, thereby preserving a sense of class in them.

Chair covers in Damask

Damask comes in various exquisite patterns. The black, white and ivory colours add a royal look to ordinary chairs, and these chair covers can be easily customised as per the length one needs. They look extremely elegant and are fabulous to look at which further gets enhanced with the presence of a detachable bow.

The General Realm Of Lycra And Spandex

These materials are comparatively cheaper but high on looks, colours and versatility. These materials give your chair a snug fit with no materials hanging here and there. You can avail the covers in beautiful pleats. You can customize the pleats as you want. These versatile covers would fit over most party chairs without a hassle.


To add to the overall versatility of party chairs, these new age chair covers also come with chair leg pockets. These small pockets at the bottom of the chair hold the chair cover in place. The material would not fall off just because someone didn’t get off the chair properly. One usually gets a mix of polyester and spandex. Let’s not forget the exquisite colours that are on offer; you will be spoilt for choice. A new addition to the spandex range is the Swag Back Covers with Ruched lower back, making the chairs look flamboyant.


There is a vast array of chair covers to choose from in various styles and colour on pattern that suits your entire event. Some sellers will customize chair covers to satisfy anyone’s whim and fantasies. Now that chair covers are available both online and offline; one can go ahead and grab the one that suits their needs the best.

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