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Perfumes are the most personal and sweet gifts for your loved ones at any occasion: be it a birthday, an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Perfumes are excellent option that are available in many different brands, at excellent price and quality with great aroma.

Durable perfumes that has the scent of sweet pear, lavender, jasmine, iris, patchouli and vanilla brings a smile on everyone’s face. Captivated, with their fragrance, perfumes are a general favorite of people of various age groups. Perfumes are mixed with essential oils, aromatic substances and certain solvents to give pleasant smell to the body. The intensity and the longevity of the perfumes are greatly determined by the solvents and oils used. The odorants and ingredients are very complex in nature and the formula is still a secret for general public.

Usually, the solvent used is alcohol, at various concentrations. People, who are allergic to alcohol or who do not want to have alcohol as an ingredient in their perfume can buy perfume without alcohol. Many do not like alcohol concentration since its exposure to the sun, with our skin impregnated in a perfume can harm our delicate skin. In addition, non-alcoholic perfumes are much better for children below 18 years and lasts longer. Perfumes without alcohol are recommended strongly in summer. The skin of children or sensitive skin need perfumes that do not irritate. Every time there are more brands that launch versions without alcohol, they are fresher because they are usually used especially in summer, and although some of them are designed for the little ones, they are ideal for all the members of the house.

There are many unisex fruity floral fragrances that feature musk, orange blossom of orange, chamomile, iris, vanilla and tangerine and petit grain, among its main aromatic notes and indicates application by children and women. Non-alcoholic perfumes include ingredients with cooler notes. The freshest aromatic notes are those of citrus, which refreshes the skin with an effervescent feeling. Fruity notes in combination with citrus notes are commonly used perfumes that makes you feel fresh an energetic all day.

Solid perfumes are the new, yet traditional fashion. They are in great demand in the cosmetic market. Solid perfume online shopping can be done through various e-commerce websites. These perfumes are compact, solid, and versatile in nature. The perfume is handcrafted with specific aromatic ingredients like wax and essential aromatic oils that offers texture to the solid perfume. Brands like Marc Jacobs, Chloe, McCartney etc. are available online for purchase. They are comparatively economical and original perfumes. They are creamy perfumes with a non-alcoholic formula. The herbal ingredients used, gives it a moisturizing property that readily absorbs in the skin.

They penetrate deeper into the skin and thus the aroma lasts longer. Solid perfumes are applied on areas like the wrist, neck and under arms where the body temperature is high and the fragrance evaporates slowly. The invigorating blend of aromatic oils and herbs calms the mind and refreshes the soul.


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