Norco Ranch Eggs – Eggs in The Clouds Recipe

If you want an egg recipe which is slightly different from the norm then you have come to the right place as we have a recipe for you which will wow anyone who you cook for. It can be difficult to find new and exciting ways of cooking eggs, especially eggs which have a certain wow factor and this is why today we are going to present you with eggs in the clouds, a beautiful looking and great tasting egg dish which is sure to impress anyone who you happen to cook it for. And so without further ado, grab some Norco Ranch eggs, and let’s make this delightful breakfast.


The ingredients you need will be;

4 x Norco Ranch Eggs

1 x bunch of chives

4 x rashers of smoky bacon

Salt and Pepper to taste

The Method

The first  thing that you will need to do is separate the eggs from the yolks and set the yolks to one side. If you struggle with this then the best way to do it is to break an egg in half over a bowl, and then switch the yolk between each half, with the white falling into the bowl until you are just left with the yolk.

The next step is to preheat your oven to 200 degrees and then start to fry the smoky bacon, you will need the bacon in small pieces and it is up to you whether you chop it up before or after. Once the bacon is sizzling away and the oven is heating up it is time to start chopping up the chives, as finely as you possibly can.

Once you have the bacon pieces and the chives to one side, put all of the egg whites in a bowl and begin to whisk furiously for a couple of minutes. As the whites begin to harden, add the bacon and the chives and finish whisking until they form soft peaks, finally add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

On a baking tree with greaseproof paper, spoon your eggs out on to the tray, they should be no bigger than the palm of your hand. Using the back of a spoon push down in the center of the eggs to make a hole, this is where the yolk will go. Try not to spread the whites out too much, they cook better when they are compact.

Place the baking tray in the over and leave for 15 minutes, as they cook you will see them begin to fluff up and form strange shapes on the exterior. After the initial 15 minutes take the eggs out of the oven and check to see if they are cooked, if so then gently pour your yolks into the holes that you have made in the whites and put back in the oven for 5 minutes.

Once the 5 minutes is up your yolks will be cooked and still runny and you can serve the finished product with some crusty sourdough bread, a delicious way to start the day.

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