Never Panic: 3 Dangerous Mistakes You Can Make After Being Involved in a Car Accident

Drivers often panic when they are involved in a car accident. During the aftermath, a number of mistakes could be made that can bring harm to those involved. For example, a person may say they are sorry and have others believing this is a sign of their guilt. Following are three examples of mistakes a person could make at this time and why they need to be avoided.

Not Calling the Police

People often believe they don’t need to call the police if there is only minor damage to the vehicles and no injuries. Nevertheless, regardless of how insignificant the incident may appear, it’s always wise to bring law enforcement in to address the issue. There are numerous reasons for this.

First and foremost, police officers are trained to deal with accidents. They may spot something that contributed to the accident that those involved would overlook. This could be of importance if one driver later decides to bring in the insurance companies or sue the other driver or drivers involved.

Furthermore, something the officers find at the scene may help to prevent additional accidents in the future. For example, a blocked street sign could contribute to the accident and the officers will alert the proper authorities to get the problem fixed.

In addition, a person may state they aren’t going to contact the other driver’s insurance company regarding the incident. Once they get home or a few days later, this individual could change his or her mind. This can be very detrimental as it then becomes a case of he said, she said.

When law enforcement is called to the scene, a police report is created that can be of great help in showing what happened. If an attorney, such as those at, is needed, this report will be of great help also.

Not Seeing a Doctor

A person might not believe he or she is not injured immediately following the accident. However, in the coming days and weeks, injuries may become apparent. It’s then a matter of proving these injuries were related in some way to the motor vehicle accident.

To prevent this issue from arising, it’s best that every person involved in the incident is checked by a doctor. More than one visit may be needed if injuries don’t appear for a few days or weeks, but the initial visit provides the doctor with a baseline when the injured party does return for more treatment or care.

Leaving the Scene

No driver wants to be blamed for a car accident, and a person may be tempted to leave the scene to avoid having this happen. Doing so is not only a mistake, but it is also considered a crime in many parts of the country. Obviously, in the event immediate medical care is required, a person will need to be transported. However, anyone who is not injured should remain at the site of the collision to speak with law enforcement.

If the other party tries to leave the scene, attempt to get their name, contact information, and details about their insurance policy before they do. If this is not possible, take a picture of their car and the license plate. This makes it easier for law enforcement officers to track them down and speak to them.

Humans do make mistakes at times. The key to avoiding ones such as these following an automobile accident is to not panic. Try to remain as calm as possible and allow others to be of help. Don’t hesitate to ask for this help either. People are willing to provide aid if they simply know that assistance is wanted and what they need to do.

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