Make Your Cocktail Party Healthy with Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Everyone deserves a break. Most people take time out to travel, shop, or catch up with family and friends. But some prefer a more outgoing form of relaxation and socialisation – these people are partygoers and love to be around others. Usually, parties have a negative connotation because of an over-the-top show of luxury, and general reckless nature. But the thing is, parties can be simple and wholesome without sacrificing the enjoyment of participants. It can be done with glamour but not as expensive and intoxicating as the usual parties.

Non-alcoholic drinks for a change

Drinking is always associated with parties, and most drinkers prefer alcoholic beverages. And to further give excitement to the event, alcohol-based cocktail drinks are elevated in many forms. Bartending became a boom, and a wide variety of cocktail drinks are made available in bars and other drinking places. Another thing to explore is non alcoholic drinks with unique twists that will surely satisfy party-goers. You may even sway your non-drinker friends to join in the fun.

Distilled non-alcoholic spirits

As the health impacts of excessive consumption of alcohol are made known to the public, the market has developed an innovation that brings the same intricacy to the traditional alcoholic drinks but with fewer health risks. It is called distilled spirits (or alcohol) or using the process of alcohol distillation using heat, leaving a little portion of alcohol in the drinks. It is the option made available for non-drinkers seeking the boozy and pleasurable-effect feeling that alcohol provides.

Healthy cocktails as an alternative

Without defeating its purpose, you may, of course, serve cocktail drinks at your party. Surely some of your guests will look for alcoholic beverages, but you can persuade them to try non-alcoholic cocktail drinks instead for a healthier approach to social drinking. You may choose from the available ingredients at your home to make punches or sparklers, and create a colourful, refreshing, and robust set of drinks to share.

Match your drinks with healthy food

To complete your cocktail party spread, you can serve vegetables, fruits, and meat alternatives to complement the refreshments. Like the effect that alcohol gives to drinkers, well-prepared food will help guests interact with each other and enjoy some wholesome conversation without getting drunk.

Get feedback from your guests

Since drinking alcohol has become a tradition when holding parties, try to get feedback from your guests about the change in concept you have incorporated by holding off on serving alcoholic beverages. You may hear negative feedback, but your intention of getting them into a healthy way of relaxing and enjoying is what matters.

Socialisation for greater health consciousness

People, no matter how health conscious they are, are always exposed to different health hazards. Living a healthy life should not be just an option but a part of everybody’s lifestyle. You may initiate a health and wellness programme with your friends or community and lead them to a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy food and engaging in physical activities. Encouraging people to take the healthy path is one way to serve the purpose of socialisation.

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