Kimberly Dey on Real Estate in Hawaii: How to Find Your Dream Property

Whether you’ve dreamed of a property with horses, or your passion is a beach house in Hawaii, Kimberly Dey has tips to help you find your dream home. Whether you’re a surfer, business person, or practice the court of law, there are many varieties of homes across Hawaii.

People move for a number of reasons. Some want a bigger or smaller cozy home, some are buying their first home and some have been given the little push they needed to finally buy, from the termination of their current living arrangement. If you’re already fortunate enough to call the island paradise of Hawaii home or you’re looking to make the move of a lifetime to Hawaii, continue reading this blog post to discover a few tips on how to find the perfect real estate in Hawaii.

1. Consider which island you’d prefer to move to

If you prefer living on an island which offers a wide array of international shops as well as a large selection of bustling bars, cafes and restaurants, you may want to consider moving to Oahu or Maui. However, if you’re looking for your own little slice of island paradise and don’t mind a bit of solitude, you may want to consider searching for real estate on Kauai or Big Island.

2. If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider moving into an affordable apartment complex

As an example, if you’re on a tight budget but have always dreamed of living within within walking distance of Waikiki, you may want to consider purchasing an affordable 1-2 bedroom apartment, in a slightly older, more established apartment complex. As new high rise apartment buildings are constantly springing up, older, more established apartments are often available for a competitive price and you will save a lot of money.

Some of the bonus advantages of moving into an apartment complex include having 24 hour security and having exclusive access to a community pool and spa. Some complex’s even offer on-site cafes and fitness centers.

3. Consider whether you’re more interested in purchasing a permanent home or a vacation property

If you are looking to purchase a permanent family home, which you’ll live in year round, you may want to purchase a property which is located within a close proximity to local amenities such as shops, schools and recreational facilities. If so, you may be interested in exploring suburban neighborhoods outside of Waikiki.

Alternatively, if you’re more interested in purchasing a vacation property, you may want to purchase a property located in the heart of Waikiki, which you can rent to tourists, when you plan on traveling. Or you may be interested in purchasing a property on Oahu’s idyllic North Shore, which is far quieter and less touristy than Waikiki and may make the perfect private retreat for regular vacations.

4. Make sure to choose a property which boasts ceiling fans or air-conditioning as well as a lanai

Temperatures in Hawaii tend to be pretty hot, all year round, so if you plan on living in Hawaii, it’s well worth choosing a property which boasts air-conditioning or a variety of large, ceiling fans. It’s also well worth opting for a property which offers floor to ceiling windows or a lanai. The latter of which is a Hawaiian term for balcony.

A lanai is the perfect place to enjoy your breakfast in the morning and to sit back and relax with a glass of wine in the evenings. As a bonus, you should be able to feel the gentle trade winds, from the privacy of your lanai.

So if you’re ready to spend every day in a beautiful, tropical paradise, it’s well worth moving to Hawaii.

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