How to Transform your Living Room into a Cosy Cocoon

transform your living room into a cosy cocoon

Theres nothing better than coming home from work and feeling that cosy and homely atmosphere, especially at this time of year. This is even more important in your living room as no doubt is one of the places you might spend most of the time. And the truth is you don’t really need a big budget to create a cosy place. This post brings you a few ideas to make your living room a happy cocoon where you will want to stay forever!

Transform your Living Room into a Cosy Cocoon

1. A comfy sofa

A good sofa is one of the key elements to making your home feel that bit cosier. You might not want to buy a new one, luckily, you can always arrange the one you already have. In the end what matters is not only how good it looks but also how soft and cushiony it is. In order to do this simply pick up some inexpensive cushions and blankets to emphasise that softness. You don’t need to splash out, most chain departments stores or supermarkets carry cheap home accessories that look fabulous. To give a higher end look, always make sure there is one more cushion to the places on the sofa. This further exaggerates that plush look we’re going for. The blankets on the other hand are very practical. Whether you wrap up in one to watch a movie and decompress in the evening or drape them over your sofa for protection, blankets are a home essential.

2. Rugs and curtains 

Rugs are ideal for warming up your floors and stopping you from getting cold feet. Another great way of trapping heat is with the use of curtains. Warm air is trapped since the curtains create an almost barrier between the warm and cold air. Both of these are essentials for keeping that cosy heat in your home, which is crucial during the winter months. Rugs are practical in other ways too, protecting your floor from scratches and damages while also insulating and slightly soundproofing a room.

3. Flooring

We mentioned previously how rugs and curtains can protect your floor but if you’re looking for an even more long-term solution then an entirely new floor could be your answer. The thought of a new floor might make your bank account flinch, but don’t worry, there are plenty of options when working to a tight budget. For example, cheap laminate flooring imitates the look of solid wood and its warming, soft feeling underfoot gives it that comfortable edge. Laminate floors are incredibly practical as they are waterproof, durable and resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations. These benefits don’t sacrifice aesthetics as laminate flooring is available in a huge range of species, shades and grades as with a solid wood.

4. Lights and candles

When it comes to accessories, you can create a gorgeous ambience with things such as LED fairy lights. Try to find some that let you change the colour so you can alter the atmosphere on the room in accordance with the time of year. Fairy lights are available in many different shapes and designs and can easily be picked up at any store with a home section for a very reasonable price. Candles are also a great investment to your home. Not only do they bring in welcoming and familiar aromas, they also bring that soft, warm light that helps to create a wintery hideaway.

Ultimately how you would like to design your living room is up to you, but we hope these few tips will help you to create the cosy in your living room of your dreams this winter!

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