Green cleaning services for a shiny home and the Mother Nature


Does anyone like to clean up? Most often there’s either a shortage of time for it or we just don’t want to do it. Tired after work, we want to finally have a rest, not grab a cloth and clean the windows. Then why we have to waste our time on cleaning when others can do it for us? Maybe it’s better to enjoy a hobby, go for a very long walk, or spend spare time with friends or family, who have been waiting for some attention? Eco cleaning services may turn out to be a good solution in that case.

Two advantages at once

Eco-friendly cleaning is a great option for all the people, who don’t want to waste their time on cleaning the house. But the advantage that results from choosing this type of service is not only that someone will do the duties instead of us. By choosing eco-friendly cleaning company we are sure, that people, who will take care of our home, won’t use harsh chemicals. Why that matters?

For nature’s and human’s sake

The chemicals in many traditional household cleaners pose a serious threat to our environment. There are really many examples. Let’s characterize some of them.

  • Triclosan – it can often be found in bathroom cleaners. It’s very toxic to aquatic organisms and may cause long-term, undesirable changes to the aquatic environment.
  • Sodium hydroxide – released in large amounts, sodium hydroxide can change the pH of the water. It’s present in kitchen and drain cleaners.
  • Phosphates – the high concentration of phosphate in the wastewater can cause harmful algae blooms, known as eutrophication. This can lower the oxygen content of the water and kill the fish. Phosphates can be found, among others, in bathroom cleaners, in dishwasher pods and liquids.

This is just a microscopic part of the tons of chemicals that manufacturers add to traditional home cleaners. Their use significantly harms the environment. But not only! They also have a very negative impact on our organisms and the condition of our animals. Not to mention children, who are especially sensitive to any toxins. Many traditional cleaners increase the likelihood of cancer, allergies, stomach problems, headaches, asthma… Possible side effects could be enumerated for a really long time.

When we want to clean ourselves and choose the cleaning products we’ill use, we can have everything under control. But sometimes there is no time for that. We need professionals, who will do it instead of us. Some cleaning services use traditional cleaners, thereby endangering both the environment and us. We don’t know what exactly will serve as detergents to remove dirt in our house.

That’s why it’s so important to entrust such an important activity to professionals, who will ensure the appropriate quality of services. Eco cleaning services, such as AspenClean, can take care of it.

More than cleaning services

Eco-friendly maid service is a group of professionals whose task is not only to clean your home but also to ensure 100% safety. You don’t have to worry, that when you return home, there will be an unpleasant smell of chemicals, that is harmful to your respiratory system. None of the substances will pose any risk to your baby or your pet. Even if the beings close to us will have direct contact with such a product. It’s because every detergent used by green cleaning services is based on natural and plant-delivered ingredients. On the ingredients list you’ll find only what it truly contains. Moreover, the fact that professionals use them, additionally proves their effectiveness! Cleaning professionals don’t use products which make it difficult for them to work effectively. Ecological solutions show that eco-friendly products deal with dirt as well as traditional cleaners, and even do it better. Nature will pay us back not only with a clean home. It’ll keep us safe and minimize the risk of many unpleasant diseases. Additionally, our satisfaction resulting from the cleanliness of the house, won’t have any impact on the environment. The number of benefits is huge.

It’s quite hard to believe and trust unknown people. By choosing trusted companies, you can have peace of mind. Both in terms of home cleaning and related safety.


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