Factors Consumers Consider When Buying in a Grocery Store


Some consumers know what products and specific brands they want to buy before they head into the grocery store. Others have no idea which brand would suit their needs best. They only figure out what to do once they arrive at the place. Since they do not know the quality of the brands to choose from, they consider other factors in decision making. These are some crucial elements that you need to know so that you can entice these target consumers to select your brand above other choices.

Shelf location

Usually, people select items that are at their eye level. They do not want to reach for items way above the shelf or the ones that require them to squat first to find that brand. Make sure that when you partner with grocery stores, you ask them if they could place your products at a desirable level. It might require additional fees, but if the amount is worth it, you can go ahead.

Product label

Some people also feel enticed to buy products that have attractive labels. Make sure that you carefully design the labels to guarantee that people will feel drawn towards your product over other choices. The labels need to bear the brand name and the specific product name. Some consumers are also particular about the contents and ingredients. You need to pay attention to these details too. If you have a company colour, you need to stick to it to keep reminding people about your brand when they see that colour. Partner with a company with the best labelling machine for quality results.


You also need quality packaging that tells people you are selling top products. However, since the package is not the primary product, you also need to be practical since you could end up increasing the price due to the packaging cost.


Speaking of price, you also need to pay attention to the price. Some people decide based on which product they think is most affordable. They will instantly reject expensive products but will not trust extremely cheap products. Find the perfect price that makes your items competitive. Study your competitors and find out the average price for products of the same size.


If you are going to offer discounts and exclusive deals, you need to highlight them. Draw the attention towards your products with the help of banners and posters indicating the deal. You may even hang them around the entire shopping area so that people will try to locate your products to get the promotion. Avoid false advertisements though since you are asking people to run over to the shelf containing your products, and they are not going to get what they were expecting.

After understanding these factors, it is time for you to determine how to make the products attractive. If changes are essential with the actual product packaging or location, you need to change them. Do not forget the quality of your products, though, since it is still a top priority for many people.

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