Do You Need a Lawyer? Look To the Facts

There might come a time in your life where you need to decide if you should contact a lawyer. Rather than relying on speculation or the advice of friends and family, it’s essential that you look to the facts to find out if legal representation is appropriate. Don’t fall for advertisements or promotions – instead, look to statistics to find out if the situation that you are in warrants having a legal firm behind you.

There are many different types of lawyers you may need to hire for various legal situations. If you have been accused of a crime or are accusing someone else of a crime, there will be criminal lawyers involved. If you’re having an issue with your employer, that’s when you’re going to want an attorney who specializes in the employment laws. These days lawyers specialise in specific areas of the law, as it is a large and diverse matter and it’s impossible to be an expert in all areas of the law. In this article Connolly Suthers Lawyers in Townsville go over a few of the more serious lawyers and what areas of the law they cover.

Criminal Lawyers

If you have been accused of a crime, you’re going to have to get a criminal lawyer. It is probably not appropriate to try to represent yourself. Especially if the crime that your accused of is something significant, for example, a felony charge, you don’t want to end up with that on your record, particularly if you are innocent. Anyone can accuse you of anything. And yes, you will be presumed innocent until you are found guilty. But that doesn’t mean that someone won’t be out to get you, and have their lawyer try and bend the truth to either get something from you or have you land in jail.

Employment Lawyers

Depending on what state you live in, your employers have different rights as far as being able to fire you. However, there are things that you can’t get fired for legal aid. If you feel like you have been the object of discrimination when it comes to termination, you should hire a lawyer that specializes in employment law. You cannot get fired from a job because of discrimination related to your gender or your age. If you feel like these characteristics have been used against you unfairly by your employer, that is one time when you should immediately contact a lawyer.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Especially in this day and age, there is no room for sexual harassment. There should be no sexual harassment in the workplace. There should be no sexual harassment on the street. There should be no sexual harassment at entertainment venues. If you are the victim of sexual harassment, you have every right to get a lawyer to represent you, and you should sue the people who made you uncomfortable or otherwise affected your personal or professional life.

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