Ammcor Reviews: Why San Clemente Homeowners Should Consider Ammcor as Their HOA Management Provider

Purchasing a condominium or home within a planned or gated community in San Clemente provides you with lots of great benefits. Private community homes will sometimes cost more for these features but they will often be worth the added expense. They include:

  1. Safety that the development provides allowing you and your family to move around within a secure and trusted environment.
  2. There is often a community clubhouse which will contain a pool, a workout room and a place to hold parties and other functions,
  3. There are functions and meetings involving the homeowners, which collectively give a feeling of community.

The community is brought together and these amenities and events are managed by the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) which is the organization working within and appointed by the homeowners to ensure that the quality of life within the community is at the highest standards and the business of the community is handled professionally. These organizations are created and regulated under state law so that their activities are consistent and within legal boundaries.

HOAs elect boards that manage the community’s business. Board members are homeowners who live in and are usually active in the community. They are voted on and if elected serve a specific term for their board membership. During the term they conduct business on behalf of the community. Their responsibilities include:

  • Creating budgets and financial statements for the association.
  • Delegating necessary powers to any committees, officers, or employees of the association as authorized by the governing documents.
  • Managing and contracting for goods or services for the common areas or for the association.
  • Securing any required or needed insurance on behalf of the association.
  • Enforcing all provisions of the declaration, articles, and bylaws for the ownership of the development.
  • Paying taxes and assessments for the common areas of the development.
  • Formulating rules of operation for the common areas and facilities, and
  • Conducting disciplinary proceedings against members of the association for rule violations.

Being a member of a HOA board is a serious commitment that depending on the size and condition of the community, can be a near full time job. These are unpaid positions and typically understaffed. As a result some of the community’s business can end up being handled at a low standard. This puts the homeowners at risk for lawsuits and other challenges and makes positions their homes as underperforming assets because word might get out that that the HOA board is not doing its job, and then property prices could suffer. For these reasons, San Clemente homeowners need to do all they can to make sure that that the business of the HOA is handled professionally and on time.

More and more HOAs are turning to Ammcor for support. Ammor is an association management company based in Orange County that provides a range of important services to HOA boards. Their approach allows the board to transfer important HOA tasks to the company so that they can have the quality time to focus on unplanned tasks or ones that need immediate attention. Ammcor becomes the board’s back office and can work seamlessly within the rules of the HOA, even as it implements and strengthens those rules.

The company has a proven track record of performance in property management. Ammcor reviews are exceptional and currently more than 15,000 happy homeowners use their service.


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