8 Tips for Healthy Aging

8 Healthy Aging Tips to Live By

As our bodies age, we have to work harder and harder to maintain our health. To do it the right way, check out these 8 health aging tips.

There’s a reason people freak out when they notice their first grey hair. Aging causes drastic changes in your body, mind, and perspective of life.

How can you make this inevitable process go smoother? Is it possible to put off the usual traits of aging?

You may not be able to prevent greying hair. But, there are many aspects of aging you can control, like your diet and lifestyle.

Take advantage of the things you can control when it comes to getting older. Keep reading for 8 healthy aging tips to age with grace.

1. Pursue Your Purpose

Many people spend their whole lives working and focusing on making money. You may have prioritized earning a living to support your family or to simply get by.

As you age, work on finding the meaning in your life.

Besides your role as a parent, spouse, or employee, what makes you get out of bed each day?

You could find meaning in your religion, hobbies, or your service to your community. Give yourself the time to explore these aspects of your life.

It’s important to find things that matter to you so that you feel connected to the world as you age.

It’s common for seniors to lose their zest for life; prevent this by pursuing your purpose.

2. Address Your Emotions

When you start to notice the first signs of aging (grey hairs, diminished memory, etc.) you may feel a whirlwind of emotions. If you don’t address these emotions, they’ll evolve into stress which will make the aging process worse.

It’s common to feel scared, angry, and resistant to aging. Aging is a reminder of our mortality and that we won’t live forever.

Consider exploring those emotions so you can put them behind you. Speak to older mentors who have felt this way. You may even want to seek counseling or therapy.

3. Connect With Others

It’s common for seniors to lose connection with their friends and peers. Whether it be because of mobility issues or emotional ones, staying in touch with your friends becomes a challenge.

Friendships keep your brain active and your heart engaged. They also make you feel important to other people.

If mobility is the issue, consider inviting your friends over once a week or once a month. Or, have weekly phone calls or video chat calls.

Feeling the support and connection that comes with friendship is very important when aging.

4. Keep Moving

It’s never too late to get active. Even if you’ve avoided exercise your whole life, starting now will make an impact on how you age.

If you don’t use it, you lose it.

This phrase is completely true when it comes to your muscles. No one wants to depend on a wheelchair or a walker. That may happen regardless, but you can prolong it by staying active.

Depending on your current mobility, choose an activity you genuinely enjoy. There’s no point forcing yourself to run if you hate cardio.

Consider some other fitness ideas:

  • Aqua-fitness classes
  • Walking groups
  • Yoga

If you do enjoy lifting weights or going for runs, then do what you enjoy. All that matters is you move your body regularly in a way that you find fun.

5. Eat Well

It’s not a surprise that eating healthy affects how you age. Supplying your body with the nutrients it needs will help it last longer.

Here are some of the key nutrients you need to be eating as you age.

Calcium and Magnesium

Bone density decreases as you age. The loss of bone density causes a disease called osteoporosis. This disease makes you prone to bone fractures and injuries.

While calcium is crucial to bone health, it’s useless without magnesium. Magnesium helps the calcium dissolve into the blood and be usable in the bones.


To combat the effects of free radicals naturally found in the body, we need to consume foods with antioxidants.

There are tons of different benefits of antioxidants. From preventing vision loss to maintaining heart health, it’s imperative you get enough antioxidants to age healthily.

Your diet as a senior directly impacts your lifespan and quality of life. It can be the key to preventing a stroke, according to CareBuilders.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Brain function and abilities tend to diminish as we age. Our memory becomes foggy and our thinking not as fast as it once was.

This doesn’t have to be inevitable, though.

By getting enough sleep each night, you allow your brain to rest and restore itself. The following day after a good night’s sleep, you’re more alert and clear-thinking.

Promote a healthy sleep by turning off devices an hour before bed. Make sure the room is completely dark and rid of distracting sounds.

7. Prevention Strategies

You’re more vulnerable to accidents and illnesses as a senior. The immune system isn’t as self-efficient as it once was. This is why various preventative strategies are important health tips for seniors.

You can prevent illnesses spread by bacteria and viruses. Ensure you wash your hands frequently and don’t spend time around others who are sick. Protect yourself by staying away from those who have a cough or even slight sniffles.

Prepare your home for accidents. Your balance becomes impaired as you age.

You may want to consider having handrails installed on the walls. This is especially important in the shower and bathroom where the floor can be slippery.

8. Quit Your Vices

Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol can do a number on your health. When it comes to aging, the impact is even more serious.

Cigarette smoking increases your chances of having respiratory illnesses and various cancers.

Alcohol impairs your brain function, which is already diminished through aging naturally.

Quitting these vices will give you a chance to age well and live longer.

Want More Healthy Aging Tips?

We can’t avoid getting older. The best we can do is embrace it and try to age healthily. This way, we can potentially live longer, stay cognizant longer, and stay mobile longer.

Follow the 8 healthy aging tips above to make the aging process smoother. You’ll have a better quality of life if you take care of your health.


For more tips on aging, health, and living your best life, check out our blog.

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