8 Things Movers Want You To Know

No matter what you do for a living, your work most probably involves interacting with people on a regular basis. Be they your colleagues, customers, providers; there probably are a lot of things you wish they knew which would make your experiences and interactions much more productive and smooth.

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When you are hiring professional movers to help you with the process, they feel the same way. Here are 8 things your movers wish you knew that can make the entire process easier for everyone involved:

They know their job, so let them do it.

The only way you can help your movers the most is by letting them do their job! You may think you know it all, but you hired professional movers for a reason. They are professionals who are well-trained and have moved many boxes, couches, and large furniture, so just chill and step aside! You’ll feel more relaxed, and they won’t feel micromanaged.

Finish packing beforehand

If you decide not to splurge on the additional cost of packing services, then you must make sure you finish your part of the work before the moving day. You will make their job easier by doing so as the house will be completely ready to be put on the truck when they show up. If they have to wait for you to finish packing – it’ll be a waste of their time – which you are paying for.

Carry the important things with you

Certain items should not be put in the moving trucks. The moving professionals do not need to be burdened with valuables like jewelry, cash or prescription medications and prefer to steer clear of the possibility of being accused if such items are misplaced. The moving day can turn around to be pretty chaotic – so hold onto your valuables and let the movers load the rest in pods moving and storage containers.

Label the boxes clearly

Labeling the boxes with their intended destinations will help your movers unload properly and save you from the trouble of playing the traffic director. It becomes even more important if you are paying them an hourly wage. Also, if something is fragile, tell them. They need to know clearly what items require gentle handling, so write it, mark it or say it, and do it sooner rather than later.

Make sure they have easy access

Help the movers by making sure you know where they can park their truck, the best way to access your apartment, and if there any limitations regarding packing hours. Your movers will expect you to do all the research beforehand and the last thing on their mind would be getting stuck with a parking ticket.

Don’t pack heavy items in large boxes

You think putting all the books in one box makes sense, right? Not at all. Even professional movers will find it difficult to carry a big box of books – which might even burst on the move. So, if you need some extra space to make up the difference, consider looking for free moving boxes and storage in Frederick, MD.

Empty your drawers

Furniture and filing cabinets with things in them will not only make the item heavier for the movers but can also pose a danger with shifting content and sliding drawers. As a result, most movers won’t handle them.

Therefore, we recommend you to empty your drawers, desks, and armoires and pack them before the movers arrive at the destination.

Don’t disappear on your movers

They definitely want you to let them do their job, but they can’t be left to do it all on their own. Keep close enough, not just to keep an eye on them, also, so that they can find you if they need you.

Moving etiquette says you should let your movers know where to find you if you are required for a short while.

Here you have it. 8 Things Movers Want You To Know.

Turn your Ultimate Moving Playlist up and be on your way!

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