8 nights out you can have from the comfort of your own home

As the nights get darker and colder, we all want to be outside less. But that doesn’t mean we should miss out on some high quality fun and games. So, here are a few creative ways to have fun at home while the snow falls outside.

Below, we’ve come up with a list of eight different ‘nights out’ you can have in your living room. You don’t even have to dress up! You can enjoy these activities in your loungewear, and no one will mind.

Let’s take a look.

Host your own cocktail masterclass

The internet is a trove of information, and so, finding tutorials on how to make your favourite cocktails is really easy! Find some great step-by-step guides and create a whole load of interesting and classic cocktails to taste with your friends!

You could even learn some bar tricks! Flip bottles and shake the cocktail shaker to your heart’s content and have all the fun of a night out in your cosy living room.

Go on a pub crawl… around your house

The at-home bar crawl became popular during lockdown as many were restricted to their homes and pubs were closed, but the idea is great if you don’t fancy braving the cold weather now that we’re out of lockdown.

You could get creative and set up different rooms as different pubs. You could try ale from around the world in each room. You could even make each room a different kind of bar, like a wine bar, a gin bar, or a cocktail bar.

This is a fun way to get creative and spend time with friends without having to don your big coat and face the elements!

Have an at-home casino night

With tons of online casino and gambling sites to choose from, it might be tricky to know where to start with this one. But take a look at some of the great advice and guidance available at Fruity Slots and you’ll end up taking a spin or laying out your virtual chips on the best site for you. You could even throw a martini in the mix to add a touch of extra sophistication.

Have a pub quiz at home

This is a great option to do over Zoom, too! Having spent a few months moving away from those Kahoot! quizzes, now is the perfect time to get back in the swing of things you’re your nearest and dearest.

You could grab a bottle of your favourite beer and a pack of peanuts to really feel like you’re at the pub!

Try a wine tasting

Holding your own wine tasting session at home is a fun and creative way to spend time with friends without having to venture to your closest wine bar. You could learn about tasting notes and quiz your friends as you sip each new vintage.

Throw a dance party

Grab a glitter ball and some LED lights, make a playlist of your favourite songs to dance to and invite your friends over for a virtual night on the town without leaving the living room.

Host a karaoke night

You may need to warn your neighbours before transforming your lounge into a karaoke bar… but we absolutely love this idea. Why not let loose as you belt out a few Beyonce hits and have some well-needed quality time with your best friends!

If you don’t have a karaoke machine, there are lots of karaoke videos available on the internet already, and as long as you have a hairbrush, you’ve always got a microphone.

Have a date night at an at-home restaurant

Cook a three-course meal or order in from your favourite local restaurant and sit down to a night out… at home. This is a fun and slightly cheaper way of having a date night, and you don’t even need to dress up!


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