8 Must-Read Tips on How to Sell Homes Faster

If you’re sitting on a house that you need to sell fast, it can be frustrating to wait for a buyer to come along. To speed up your sale, click here to learn top tips on how to sell homes faster!

Are you ready to sell your house?

Do you need to sell it fast due to a work opportunity or a life emergency?

Selling your home is overwhelming when you’re dealing with a tight timeframe, but doing so is not impossible. Read on to learn how to sell homes faster in order to make a profit or cover some debts.

1. Get Rid Of Excess Stuff

How much clutter did you accumulate since you closed on your home?

If you’re anything like the average American, at least some parts of your home are cluttered. Recent statistics show that the average American home contains around 3,000 items.

Though the accumulation of stuff is natural in our culture, it’s not what prospective home buyers want to see.

  • Declutter by donating what you don’t need.
  • Sell the more valuable items you Can’t take with you.
  • Put all the stuff you can’t part with in storage.

The above steps can help you clear your house and make some extra cash for your move. If cleaning your home feels overwhelming, there’s nothing wrong with hiring professional cleaners. Sydney rubbish removal services are great for decluttering as usually the stuff you want gone it broken or unusable, so trying to sell it or donate it is a waste of time. Using this service you can ensure everything that can be recycled will be recycled minimising your environmental footprint.

In any case, your mission is to have wide, open spaces for prospective buyers to look into. Don’t overlook the home’s nooks and crannies; clear out all closets too.

2. Clean Up Your Yard

Once the inside of your home is spic and span, tackle the outside. Cleaning up your yard is another surefire way to sell your home fast.

According to a recent remodeling impact report from the National Association Of Realtors, homes sell faster if they have curb appeal.

  • Keep your lawn mowed.
  • Clear all the weeds and leaves.
  • Clean up any animal feces and other trash in your yard.
  • Repair any concrete steps or curbs that belong on your property.

It’s important to do your fair share of landscaping before you post pictures of your house online. Potential buyers have a better chance to pay attention to detail when they’re browsing photos on their own time.

3. Sell Homes Faster Through Proper Staging

“Do you see yourself in this house?”

The question might be asked outright, or it may be implied. Either way, it’s entertained by the buyer at some point.

In 2015, a realtor’s survey reported that 96 percent of brokers found staging homes to be an effective sales tactic. Once someone envisions themselves in a home, they are more likely to invest in it.

Follow these quick staging tactics to sell your home fast:

  • Arrange furniture in a comfortable way.
  • Bake cookies before a string of showings so the delicious smell wafts through the air.
  • Put away your personal stuff such as toothbrushes.

Staging a home can get expensive if you want to go all out. But if staging doesn’t fit your budget, even doing the above can make a huge difference in your home’s presentation.

4. Do Small Renovations

When did you remodel your home last?

If you think that renovating your home just before you sell is counterintuitive, think again. You don’t have to do major renovations prior to the sale, but small projects to make the space more presentable really pay off.

If your floors are carpeted, pull up a corner of the carpet to see if you have hardwood underneath. If so, take away the carpets and polish the hardwood surfaces. Realtors say that hardwood is by far more desirable to buyers than any other flooring.

Focus any other renovations on your bathroom and kitchen. those two areas of a house are scrutinized the most. If you lack the time and money to do extensive renovations, here are a few quick fixes that will make a difference:

  • Replace old shower curtains
  • Scrub the tiles of walls and floors.
  • Don’t forget to bleach the grout.
  • Repaint your kitchen walls using a neutral color.
  • Make sure your cabinets are clean.

Any amount of deep-cleaning and renovating can raise the value of your home, even if your house is otherwise in rough shape.

5. Pay For A Presale Home Inspection

Could your home pass an inspection?

You can find this out before a buyer puts an offer on the house and wants an inspection on his terms. If you’re confident that your home is up to code, invest in a pre-sale inspection.

It can be beneficial whether your home passes or fails. If the inspection results are positive, you can advertise this as an incentive for a quick sale. If your home fails, you can find out exactly what needs to be done to bring it up to code.

6. Learn About Your Local Housing Market

What does your local housing market look like?

Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market?

In a buyer’s market, the sale of homes is more advantageous to a buyer. If you live in a seller’s market, you might have an easier time of selling your home quickly.

Get acquainted with your local housing market to determine the price of your home. Use realtors, other homeowners, and even friends who are in the market for a new house to gain more insight. You can also read up on current housing trends in your local newspapers.

In some cases, it might not be as relevant to understand the ins and outs of your local housing market. If you can sell your home to a group like 4 Brothers Buy Houses, you may not need to do as much research as you would if selling to an individual homeowner.

7. Use A Quality Realtor

Of course, you can always avoid doing your own extensive research if you find a good realtor to represent you. If you choose to go that route, your only concern is finding a reputable, honest, professional realtor. Use this checklist as your guideline for finding the best agent in your area:

  • Make sure the real estate agent has a positive track record selling homes.
  • Look him up online, including his website and his listings.
  • Have any of your homeowner friends dealt with him before?
  • Ask about your local housing market in your interview, just to see how much knowledge he has.

With the right real estate agent, you can sell your home fast and still make a profit.

8. Promote Your Home Online

If you don’t want to work with an agent, promote your own house online. You can list it as a “sale by owner” property, which can save you some money down the road.

To promote your house effectively:

  • Learn how to write a great house listing.
  • Take some professional strategic photos of the house and post them up.
  • Use multiple sites for your listings.

It takes some effort to promote your house online, but it might be worth it, considering that no one takes cuts out of your profit.

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