6 Tips On Touring San Francisco’s Craft Brewery Scene

If you plan on enjoying a whirlwind tour of San Fransisco’s top-rated craft breweries, Also if you’re thinking of making it a group outing, consider a San Francisco charter bus or minibus rental to get your entourage safely from point-to-point, without anyone having to sit-out the fun as a designated driver.

simply continue reading to discover a wide variety of tips on how to best tour San Fransisco’s world-class breweries!

Tips on touring San Francisco’s Craft Brewery Scene:

  1. Consider booking an escorted tour of multiple breweries

If you don’t want one member of your group to miss out on sampling local brews as your group’s designated driver, it’s definitely worth considering booking an escorted half day or a full day tour of several of San Francisco’s finest breweries. As that way, your group will be driven to and from a wide variety of breweries, which will leave your group free to relax and enjoy your day.

Alternatively, it’s well worth noting that several companies offer highly rated walking tours of some of San Fransisco’s top-rated craft breweries. As many of the city’s highest rated craft breweries are conveniently located within a few miles of each other.

  1. Plan to visit a few breweries which offer delicious mouth-watering snacks to accompany your craft beers

In order to stand out from their competition, a few of San Fransico’s craft breweries have started to offer menus which are jam-packed full of tasty treats, which have been designed to accompany the finest craft beers. As an example, the Barebottle Brewing Company which is located in a spacious renovated warehouse offers food truck-style snacks such as tacos, sliders, corndogs, and cheesesteaks.

  1. Try to visit breweries which are unique and offer a unique atmosphere

As an example, the Speakeasy Ales & Lagers features a unique underground tap room which is uniquely decorated with prohibition era decorations.

  1. Try the house beer or ask your tour guide or bartender for a recommendation

If you’re feeling brave, make sure to try each brewery’s house beer as there is a good chance that each brewery’s most popular craft beer has gained a following for a good reason.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid blindly picking a craft beer from a seemingly endless menu, don’t be afraid to ask your tour guide or bartender for a recommendation. As they should be able to recommend a popular craft beer which suits your individual preferences.

  1. Consider purchasing a crate of your favorite craft beer to take home

If you fall in love with a particular craft beer at first sip, it’s well worth purchasing a crate of your favorite beer to take home. Just keep in mind that if you plan to travel to another country following your time in San Fransisco, that there may be regulations limiting the amount of alcohol which you’ll be able to transport.

One of the main reasons why it’s well worth considering purchasing a few bottles or a crate of your favorite craft beer to take home, is usually it’s far cheaper to purchase craft beers straight from a brewery than from a bottle store or a grocery store.

  1. Compile a list of breweries to visit before your trip

In order to make sure that you visit the creme de la creme of San Fransisco’s craft breweries, it’s well worth conducting a little research before your trip. As an example, it’s definitely well worth looking up Yelp and Trip Advisor views on San Fransisco based craft breweries which will allow to add highly reviewed craft breweries to your travel itinerary and to avoid visiting craft breweries which are highly likely to leave you feeling disappointed.

After all when you’re on vacation your time is precious and you want to spend as much of your spare time visiting San Fransisco’s top-rated attractions, such as craft breweries as possible.

  1. Consider allocating two full days to touring San Fransico’s craft breweries

As San Fransisco boasts over 22 popular craft breweries where you can sample freshly brewed craft beers, it’s well worth allocating two full days to sampling delicious craft beers, instead of rushing from brewery to brewery in a single afternoon. As it’s well worth savoring the experience of enjoying great beer and food at each brewery with your traveling companions.

So if you can’t wait to take your first sip of a craft beer in San Fransisco, it’s well worth taking the handy tips listed above to heart.

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