11 Popular Modern and Contemporary Furniture Inspiration for your Home

One of the easiest ways to update the look and feel of your home, is to invest in key pieces of statement furniture from www.furco.co.uk. To discover a few popular modern and contemporary furniture options that are trending in the design world, simply continue reading.

Popular Modern and Contemporary Furniture for your Home:

1. Modular sofas:

Modular sofas are a great option as they allow you to add and remove individual sections to suit your preferences. As an example, you may purchase a modular sofa which can be used as a large L shaped sofa and can be split up into three smaller sofas. Some modular sofas, even have sections which you can add to your modular sofa in order to put your feet up.

2. Ottomans:

Ottomans are sometimes known as foot rests and are small cube shaped or circle shaped pieces of furniture, which you can use in a wide variety of ways. As a few examples, you can use hollow ottomans in order to store your electronic equipment or books and you can use ottomans as footstools and side tables. If you have extra guests visit your home, you can also repurpose your ottoman as a makeshift seat.

3. LED TV stand:

If your TV is the focal point of your lounge, you may want to opt for a thoroughly modern LED TV stand. Which will be the envy of all of your friends. If you’re interested most LED TV stands feature bright blue lights, which will turn your lounge or bedroom, into a futuristic looking space.

4. L shaped and U shaped sofas:

Instead of traditional loveseat style sofas, L shaped sofas and U shaped sofas are becoming increasingly popular. As you’ll be able to fit several people on the same sofa. Which is great if you have a young family or frequently invite your friends over to your home to binge watch TV series and movies together. If you’re in the market for a new sofa, it’s well worth considering purchasing an L shaped sofa or a U shaped sofa.

5. Glass tables, coffee tables and work desks:

If you’re looking to give your home a modern vibe, it’s well worth investing in a glass table, coffee table or work desk. As adding glass pieces of furniture to your home, will instantly give your home a contemporary, fresh vibe. If you have a home office, you can’t go wrong replacing your outdated work desk, with a glass work desk. That will instantly give your home office a sophisticated, trendy vibe.

6. Mismatched dining chairs:

One modern trend, which you may want to experiment with is purchasing 4-6 different dining chairs, to place at your dining table. As mismatched, funky chairs are incredibly cool and will be a talking point in your household. As an example, you may want to place a modern perspex dining chair at your dining table as well as a wood dining chair and a velvet covered dining chair.

7. Kitchen islands:

Kitchen islands are incredibly versatile as they can be used as breakfast nooks and informal dining tables as well as for extra counter space. Which is handy if you have limited counter space to work with. Some kitchen islands also feature hidden drawers, which you can use to store your kitchen utensils and appliances. Examples of which may include pots, pans, kitchen mixers and coffee machines.

8. Handle-less drawers:

To update the look of your home, it’s well worth purchasing handleless drawers, which will instantly give your home a contemporary vibe. To open and handle these drawers simply press the outside of your chosen drawer, which will open automatically. Once you’ve tried a handleless drawer for the first time, you’ll never go back to using traditional drawers again.

9. Modern stools:

Stools are life savers if you have limited space as you can tuck your stools underneath a kitchen island. Not only are stools known for their functionality and convenience but they are also chic and stylish. If you’re interested in purchasing a few new stools, you may want to opt for a few modern, backless stools. As examples, you can easily pick up steel backless stools and clear perspex backless stools. Alternatively, you may prefer the look of natural wood stools in funky designs.

While you may want to place your new stools at a kitchen island, you can also use your stools to seat your friends and family members at a home bar. Especially if you enjoy hosting dinner parties and hosting frequent social gatherings at your home.

10. Floating night stand:

Imagine being the first person who you know to install a floating night stand. Floating nightstands are small compact nightstands, which can be affixed to your bedroom wall and which still offer enough space to store your bedroom essentials. Such as your phone charger, a book, a tablet and a water bottle. Most floating nightstands offer one drawer as well as a surface, which is large enough to place a few carefully chosen items.

11. Tree shaped bookshelves:

Instead of opting for a stock standard bookshelf, do yourself a favor and opt for a modern, tree shaped bookshelf. Which will definitely attract plenty of compliments. While tree shaped bookshelves don’t hold as many books as traditional bookshelves, they do feature enough slots to display your favorite hardcover books. Which will prevent you from hoarding books, that you’ve never finished.

So if you want to give your home the much needed makeover that it’s begging for, it’s well worth getting started by purchasing a few of the innovative, modern furniture items, which have been conveniently listed above!

Images Source: www.furco.co.uk


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