10 Tips For Writing Your Dissertation

1. Do not you know how to start? Read the specifications for a PhD awarded by your university institution including how many words, structure, content, etc.

2. There will be many drafts to the final text. Do not worry, keep a record. Our advice, hold the numbered numbers or dates (essay 1.0, essay 1.1)

3. At this point there is usually pressure and stress of time. Cut (or reduce) TV and surf the internet. For creative thinking you only need two things to read and write.

4. Prepare for criticism and failure. When you feel confident and send the first complete essay to the supervising professor, feedback may shock you. Be optimistic, corrections are always positive because it improves the quality of your work. Taking into consideration criticism, you will be encouraged to improve every part of your dissertation that you feel still has errors. Accuracy is one of the most important factors for your project success. Many amateur writers are too vulnerable to criticism because they have the misconception that criticism is a sign that their dissertation is not worth it. The fact that others say because of criticism does not mean that your dissertation is bad but that it needs some improvement. Just it!

  1. Do not waste time trying to please everyone. Concentrate on writing the dissertation alone. At the end of your submission, you can attend conferences and write publications. You are also advised to consult with any third party professionals you can find on the Internet. For your info, you can try visiting https://writemyessayonline.com/

    6. If you feel that you have excessive workload and unproductive stress, you can always contact the professor and maybe stop for a few days. Besides, you have to rest and load your batteries. Writing is a spiritual process requiring calmness. Do not be too push yourself in writing otherwise you will produce not optimal works. Calm your mind and you will be able to write better.

  2. Try to follow a daily routine. For example, I wrote in the evening and the day I made corrections and charts. I’ve always had an hour’s break and talked to my friends about the news.

    8. Set goals. If 100,000 words are the desired result, then with 1000 words per day you can manage them comfortably. This time is just over 3 months! Discipline is the key to success for every job, no matter how difficult it is.

  3. Take your time for the details that matter. I remember that I needed a few hours to create some charts and illustrations. The clarity of the writing, the charts and the overall picture of the dissertation should be your priorities.

    10. Keep things simple. Emphasize your innovation and make clear your contribution to your science industry. Innovation is always valuable and although you can’t make it happen, it still gives you inspiration to write better and more structured.


Hopefully the above 10 tips can help you to produce a quality dissertation.


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