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Are you a senior aged 55 and above and are you seeking for possible romantic relations with someone within that age range? Are you a younger person who for one reason or the other wishes to date someone aged 55 and above? The purpose of this article is not to find out your reason for wanting to date folks who are 55 years and above. Rather, we want to help you achieve your goal by giving you the information you need to make this happen. Where to Find Them There

If there’s one piece of advice that you can follow as far as avoiding negative things, it’s that you should get as far away as possible from toxic people. The first step in this equation is defining what qualities toxic people have. After that, it’s a matter of adjusting your behaviors to prevent them from getting in your orbit in the first place, or expunging them quickly if they do find a way into your life. Three specific situations will give you examples of toxic people, and then you have

The road which eventually results in making the decision to divorce is never easy. However, once you’ve decided, you’ll need a plan. That’s where mediation comes into play. A professional mediator is there to help you work out the kinks, and agree on how you handle expenses, assets, and caring for your children. The goal is to reach an agreement that works for both of you without having to drag the process through court. When you hire a divorce lawyer, their job is to work in your favor. Whereas a

If you’re single chances are high that you know exactly how hard it can be to meet other single people, let alone find someone who actually has the potential to be your soulmate. No longer are people meeting at dance mixers, having grandmothers find suitable partners (like this) or even just dating someone from work. We work long hours and rarely move too far out of our niche social circle but also don’t stay close to home or family. It is all these reasons, and more that have led to

The details of that day you first met were still vivid in your mind after three years of being in a relationship. You thought it was just another typical day for you, until one of your friends called up to invite you for dinner just to relax and unwind. Being your introverted self, you really wanted to decline the invitation politely. But your persistent friend wouldn’t let you turn down the invitation, telling you it has been some time since you had some catching up with your other friends. Realizing

The feeling of being in love is one of the most potent chemical reactions on earth! Love has about the same effects that cocaine has on the brain. However, the hardest is answering the question: Why do we fall in love with that person? Ask yourself! Psychologists have found that men and women tend to form pairs according to several dominant personality traits, influenced by a particular hormone in the brain: We’re a cocktail of hormones. However, what defines a person’s innate personality are based on four hormones: dopamine, testosterone,

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