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Is your marriage in trouble? If you aren’t sure, learn some of the silent signs you need marriage counseling here. After years of searching, you finally found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You have the perfect ring, you complete each other’s sentences, and you can’t picture your life without your better half. Fast forward to five years later. All the lovey-dovey, warm and fuzzy feelings have worn off, and now you two are struggling. Conversations become a chore, and sex is a thing

If you and your fiance are looking for the perfect wedding ring bands, be sure to read this first. Here’s what to look for in wedding bands. Planning to get married? It’s likely the first investment you’ll make is for the engagement ring. Those tiny little pieces of jewelry can cost a lot, after all. However, your next step would be organizing the wedding and looking for the perfect wedding ring. But that doesn’t dissuade you from popping the question to your loved one. If you’re planning to do that,

Do you want to plan a big surprise for the special someone in your life? If so, here are 4 birthday surprises for him that he won’t be able to ignore. Looking for the perfect birthday surprises for him? An unforgettable birthday surprise is a great way to reignite the spark in your relationship. When you’re married or in a committed relationship, there are a lot of important dates in the year. Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or Father’s Day are all special dates. But for most people, their birthday gift

It’s common to lose the excitement in a long-term relationship. But you can reignite the fire! Here’s how to get the spark back in your relationship. Struggling on how to get the spark back into your relationship? Too often couples sacrifice fiery passion for practicality. The reality is much different than what you might be thinking. While facing the ups-and-downs of everyday life, you can still have fairy-tale romance. You can still have the relationship of your dreams. We’re here to guide you along the path of reigniting the fire

Relationships take hard work and commitment and it isn’t easy to find the time in our busy lives. We take a look at how relationships counseling can help you. “We need to talk.” Many people dread the day they hear their significant others say these words. And we can hardly blame them since being vulnerable within relationships is difficult. But here’s the thing: Only about 37 percent of couples claim that they’re very happy together. This means that the other 63 percent have some work to do. Where, however, should

Are you curious about your family’s past? Find out here how to research ancestry and find out more about your family history. Have you ever wondered about your family’s ancestry? Maybe you have friends who frequently celebrate their heritage, and you wish your family could do the same? Maybe you want to know if you’re Scottish or English? Or, maybe it’s just pure curiosity? Whatever the reason is, learning your family history is something can that be fun, and it can make you feel more connected to a culture and

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