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Despite how important home warranty can be there are still a large percentage of people who don’t have it. Many experts suggest that whilst home insurance is obligatory, more and more people should take advantage of the protection that having a home warranty brings. This has come to light once again after the fires in California last year, once again reinforcing the need for many people in areas of natural disasters to ensure that they have home warranty for additional protection. We caught up with the customer service team from

Business owners should understand the roles and responsibilities they have when it comes to the IRS’ efforts to collect unpaid taxes from their employees and vendor. The team at Optima Tax Relief highlights some of the key things business owners need to know about the role they play in tax debt collection For many business owners, understanding how their business can stay in compliance with federal tax regulations is not only one of their key responsibilities, it can also impact the livelihood of their business long term. But what many

Owning your home offers a number of perks, including allowing you to invest in your own piece of real estate rather than renting out someone else’s. However, one of the biggest advantages of home ownership is your ability to deduct mortgage interest, according to tax audit defense firm TaxAudit. However, you must meet certain requirements to do this, so let’s take a look at them. For starters, let’s examine what mortgage interest is in the first place. This type of interest refers to any interest you pay on your mortgage

There will always be times when you need money fast, and you feel like you have nowhere to turn. You may be late on bills, or the holidays may be approaching and you may not have gifts. Whatever the reason, there will always be a time when you simply need more money. That’s where payday loans can help. The fact that there aren’t many payday loan qualifications means you can get money in your pocket quickly. And you will be able to keep your privacy, unlike with most lenders! Of course,

Canadian fintech Brim Financial, is a growing startup success story with big aspirations to expand globally. Brim’s founder and CEO, Rasha Katabi, launched the fintech in Toronto in 2015, inspired by the city’s international appeal. “Toronto attracts incredible talent from around the world because the city has so much to offer – everything from a bustling tech scene to world-renowned restaurants.” With such a diverse audience, Katabi couldn’t think of a better place for Brim’s corporate headquarters. From the beginning, Brim was specifically designed with a global mindset. Credit card

Being randomly selected for a drawing or a lottery couldn’t be a more exciting experience. Being selected for an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit? Well, that has quite the opposite effect. However, if you know the red flags commonly known to trigger tax audits, you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself from these audits. Here are a few tax audit triggers to look out for this year, based on the latest tax audit reviews. First, if you earn anywhere from $200,000 to a million dollars per year, you

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