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The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up many industries, including real estate investing and rental properties. On one hand, times are tough, and investors may not have a ton of extra capital laying around to use for investing, and their current investments may be struggling. But on the other hand, property values have fallen, mortgage rates are low, and there are plenty of properties languishing on the market. For some investors, the 2020 pandemic has created the perfect storm to scoop up more investments, at excellent values. But because of how

  Car financing is an excellent option if you can’t afford to pay for the entire cost at once. You can divide the fees over several months with this option. Once you divide the amount, the monthly fees are reasonable enough. Several banks and lending firms can offer a car finance loan. These are some tips to help you find the perfect option. Shop for a loan first Some people might look for a specific car model first before they take out a loan. They might even get a loan

If you were to go back in time and tell someone six months ago that the world would be the way it is today, they’d probably either laugh in your face or offer to call someone to help you. Unfortunately, this isn’t some weird nightmare we’re all collectively sharing. We’ve had to change our entire lives and what seemed almost guaranteed yesterday is under fire today. So, how do we protect our interests and make sure we come out the other side of this relatively unscathed? We haven’t got the

  There are some historical questions that are very difficult to answer. The classic one is whether the egg came before the chicken or vice versa. Another one is who first thought of drinking the milk of a cow. Because both things happened such a long time ago, it feels like we have no way of knowing for sure, and so we’ll never get to the bottom of either mystery. If you have a keen interest in history, that’s a little frustrating. We like to have certainty, and when we

If you want to build a healthy investment portfolio, that will continue to appreciate in value and which will bring in dividends, simply continue reading to discover a few investment strategies that really work. One of the simplest investment strategies to follow is to aim to purchase stocks at a price that is lower than they are worth. So that when the cheap stocks which you purchase, increase in price again, you’ll be able to sell some of your shares for a profit. You’d be surprised at the number of

There are numerous reasons to save money. Whether scary life scenarios or luxury vacations come to your mind, you’ll need more than just motivation and drive to reach your savings goals. Indeed, you’ll need to use proven tactics. That said, here are six must-know strategies for saving more money in 2020. 1. Track Your Budget and Plan Every Expense If you didn’t track your income and expenses each month in 2019, start making it a habit by doing so in January 2020. This is the only way to take full ownership of

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