Where can I find a tutor?

Schooling is such an important aspect of your life and so you want to be sure that you are receiving the best grades possible. One way you could do this is to find a tutor.

The ACT and SAT are fundamental gauges used by most colleges to determine admissions. If you are looking to be a college student then your score is critical to getting a place at your desired university.

What is the best way to prepare for your exams?

Each individual will differ from one to the other, it will be dependant on the environment that they learn best in and also the level of preparation that is required. However, research has shown that students who receive one to one tutoring out performed those who relied on self help alternatives. Finding a tutor who can develop a learning programme completely adapted to your needs and also to your preferred style of learning will certainly prove to be invaluable.

What to look for when finding a tutor

First and foremost you want a tutor that you can be honest with, you need to be able to discuss your weaknesses so as to tailor their programme exactly to your weaknesses. A tutor should also be honest with you too, this will help to build a rapport and also build trust which is really important between a student and tutor relationship.

You would want to find a tutor that is flexible in their style, but one that is a specialist in the desired field. For example, if you’re looking for a tutor for your young child you’ll need a primary school tutor, but for a college subject you’ll want a tutor that specialises in a particular subject. Furthermore, a tutor may teach could be completely different to your usual learning style, but you must both be willing to adapt your learning style/ teaching techniques.

A tutor should be patient with you and be a good listener. If you are struggling with a particular aspect of teaching you want your tutor to be understanding not belittling, listening to your struggle and helping you through them will help to build your confidence and in turn your ability to learn. A tutors ultimate goal is to help you to become an independent learner.

Finding the best tutor

A good tuition agency will match the right tutor to you and your needs, you can be sure that top agency tutors have the right qualifications and training to help you. Online tutoring is a growing business and it is well worth considering.

Tutors can be structured according to their qualifications so you can find a tutor that is suits keep for you. Obviously with the tier system it is only to expected that the more qualified a tutor is the more likely it is that you will pay a higher cost for their expertise. Tutors range from those who excel in certain subjects, to professionals that have an undergraduate degree and experience in their fields and on to those with higher education or teaching certificates with years of work experience. Whatever it is you are looking for in a tutor you will be guaranteed to find someone who can work with you to achieve your desired results and will help you to cement your place into your chosen university.

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