When Me Time Is A Must

Take one glance at my blog and you certainly won’t be shocked to learn that I love my kids. They’re my life and sharing our experiences as a family on here has been one of the most awesome experiences I could ever have. Anyone with kids knows that your life immediately changes course and you pretty much have to (not that you wouldn’t want to!) be attuned to their needs 24/7.

Nevertheless, we’re only human, and we need personal time to pursue goals, better ourselves or simply recharge our batteries. I know that there have been times where I felt like I could do it all, and other times where life feels like it’s throwing everything it can at me all at once.

Despite my can-do attitude, I know there are times where some me-time is crucial, and the same is true for you. Here are some examples of when you should look after yourself first and foremost.

Pursuing a New Career

Finding the energy to be a good parent and provide for your children can be difficult, as many moms know. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a great family, a great home life, and the opportunity to share my experiences as a mom with the world, but not everybody has that opportunity.

When it comes to providing for your kids, a new career may be the only option. In many cases, you’ll need to pursue a degree to maximize your earning potential. For most moms, going to a physical campus full-time while raising kids isn’t an option.

My friend in the United States found a way to do both by attending Bradley University online. She was still able to be at home to take care of her boys during their youngest years, but also able to pursue an education in nursing via Bradley University at the same time.

Converting Stress Into Anger

You’ve picked the wrong profession if you’re a mom who can’t handle a ton of stress. Despite the grin-and-bear-it attitude most moms use to get through each day, there does come a time where the stress can be too much to handle – and potentially a life-threatening situation.

Nobody wants to be the mom who snapped: we’ve all read the news stories about mothers who broke down and caused harm to both themselves and others. While both stress and anger come with the job of being a parent, if you’re suddenly feeling incapable of dealing with life’s little struggles without a constant sense of rage, then it’s time for a break.

Be frank about the situation with your partner, your parents, your family or your friends. Ask for help. Ultimately, one day off every now and then can make a huge difference and help restore balance to your stress levels.

Suffering Relationships

Everybody has ups and downs in life with their partner and being parents doesn’t make things any easier. The responsibility of being a mom or dad is non-negotiable, and this can create various types of friction or neglect in relationships over time.

If your relationship is suddenly, obviously coming undone, then it might be time to consider what a bit of personal time with your partner can do to help. Whether that be weekly dates, relationship counseling or something entirely different, finding every opportunity to carve out a little time to salvage that relationship is crucial. It’s not only a good idea for your well-being, but often for the kids’ as well.

Most moms don’t get enough free time – that’s just the cold, hard reality of being a mom. What’s important is knowing when to make the distinction between wanting some personal time and needing it. The three examples above are definite instances in which me-time is crucial to both the health and livelihood of yourself and your children.

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