What Is Growth Hormone Therapy And How Can You Benefit From It?

What Is Growth Hormone Therapy And How Can You Benefit From It?

What is human growth hormone therapy? Right now, it might sound like something out of a SiFi movie, but this medical solution is available now. Medical scientists are experimenting with its range, and patients are benefiting. Could you be the right candidate for this type of therapy? Click here to learn more.

Are you looking to boost your gym results? To lose weight? To feel better? To sleep longer? The answer might be growth hormone therapy.

Human growth hormone is made in the human body, but people take it in higher levels. It has a wide range of benefits – and some risks. Learn about both below.

What Is HGH?

HGH or human growth hormone is a hormone from the body’s natural system. It’s produced mostly from the pituitary gland, which sits right on the brain stem.

HGH is responsible for creating and maintaining healthy cell tissues. To that point, it’s found in young children and in mothers during pregnancy.

This one hormone can improve every cell in the body, including metabolism, sexual function, mood, and reproduction.

Why Use HGH?

Why would you take shots of something your body already creates? It’s not necessary to supplement your HGH levels unless you’re deficient. But people find they like the boost it gives to their lives.

Here are some of the assorted benefits to HGH therapy.

1. It Strengthens Muscle

If you get HGH supplemental shots, you’ll see your muscle mass increase. Since the hormone aids in creating tissue, it’s key to building bigger and stronger muscles.

The stimulating effect it has on collagen strengthens tendons and aids performance as well.

2. Encourages Weight Loss

If someone who’s obese opts into HGH treatment, they should lose weight. It’s not a fix-all solution, but HGH aids other lifestyle changes during lipolysis.

Lypolysis is the process of breaking down lipids – the building blocks of body fat. In a study of 24 obese people, researchers found that those who took HGH has a 1.6 times increase in weight loss.

Not just overall weight loss, but visceral fat, the fat around your midsection.

3. It Treats Erectile Dysfunction

A lesser known use of human growth hormone is its effect on erectile dysfunction. A study in Germany showed an increase in erections when the participants were given HGH.

They think it has to do with the hormone’s effect on corpus cavernosum smooth muscle, which gives it an effect on impotence.

4. Better Mood

The human growth hormone is like an energy drink for all the cells in your body – without the impending crash. It gives them each a little more to work with and pumps them up for their daily tasks.

The same is true for brain cells, specifically the ones that control mood.

When taking HGH regularly patients saw a significant increase in positive mood.

5. Better Sleep

Your body secretes its normal levels of HGH while you sleep, though the amount decreases as you age. When people take HGH therapy, they find they sleep better.

Growth Hormone Therapy: Is it For You?

Like any medical procedure and supplement, there are risks of HGH therapy. Some of those include edema, high cholesterol, nerve, and muscle pain, along with others.

It’s up to you and your doctor to decide if the benefits of using growth hormone therapy outweigh the risks.


What did you think? Would you use HGH? Tell us in the comments.

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