One of the most dangerous automotive accidents, a chain reaction, requires at least three cars. In a typical chain reaction accident, the first car hits the second vehicle in the back end, causing a succession of rear-end crashes. After that, the second and third cars collide in the rear. Sometimes, A rear-end and side contact is both a part of a chain reaction event. It’s not uncommon for many cars to be involved in a chain-reaction collision. Chain reaction accidents are prevalent when drivers choose the incorrect path when there is poor visibility due to heavy rain, blizzards, or fog.

As a result of such an event, the injured in a car accident in Queens may suffer severe, debilitating damage, such as a brain injury or broken bones. Depending on the severity of the injury, the healing time may be lengthy. Driver carelessness may have resulted in a chain reaction accident in which you or someone you love was hurt. If this is the case, you should contact a Queens Chain Reaction Accident Lawyer who can assist you in obtaining the financial compensation you are entitled to as a result of your losses.

The person responsible for the automobile accident injuries may also be obliged to reimburse you if your doctor commits medical misconduct throughout treating your injuries.

What Are The Causes Of Chain Reactions?

If another car hits the vehicle in front of it from behind, the presumption is that the driver at the back is blamed. It’s not uncommon for a motorist to follow another car too closely, resulting in a chain reaction disaster. This case involves three vehicles engaged in a multi-vehicle collision on Second Avenue in New York’s Appellate Division (2015 NY Slip Op 4916). Poor road conditions do not relieve drivers of responsibility. This means considering the road conditions and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles to avoid accidents. To counteract the inference of negligence, the court ruled in DiPaolo v. Gonzalez that a wet highway defense was adequate.

What Happens When There’s A Chain Reaction?

Negligent driving that causes a chain reaction accident has the potential to result in fatalities or great bodily harm. Bone fractures, head trauma, cuts and scrapes, back injuries, as well as whiplash are among the most common types of damages. A chain reaction accident can result in the death of a person in the most extreme circumstances. Serious injuries necessitate significant medical care and prohibit the person from returning to work. As a result, medical costs are piling up, and income is low. However, a victim can sue for damages in New York if they have suffered a loss and want compensation.

A personal injury lawsuit can help you recover damages for things like past and future medical bills lost wages, future earning potential, and emotional distress. And if your property was damaged, you may be entitled to compensation to repair or replace your damaged property as a result of the accident. You may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death case for those whose loved ones were killed.

Queens Chain Reaction Injury Attorney

There is a great deal of confusion regarding chain reaction accidents since each motorist believes another driver is to blame. An experienced lawyer can go through the facts to protect your rights. Stephen Bilkis and Associates’ legal team has extensive experience defending those injured in different kinds of car accidents as well as those hurt in chain-reaction incidents. To get a free, no-obligation consultation after a vehicle accident, call us at 800.696.9529.


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