Top 11 Insanely Awesome Benefits of Coworking Spaces


In 2017, more than half a million people opted to do their work in coworking spaces — and those numbers are only predicted to grow. 

There’s a reason coworking has become so popular in recent years. It’s more than a niche trend: it’s a way of life for thousands of people in all kinds of different industries. Do you know what the benefits of coworking can do for you?

In this guide, I’ll give you a close look at the working advantages of these spaces, so you can decide if one is right for you. Keep reading to learn all about the advantages of coworking!

1. Free From Distractions of Home

Home offers all kinds of great things: food, family, maybe even television. Unfortunately, the things we love about home quickly become distractions when it’s time to get work done.

If you’re exhausted by the interruptions from your family members, the pressure to do laundry, or the temptations of Netflix, it’s time to try coworking. At these work-focused spaces, you can find your flow state much faster.

2. Flexible Hours

Coworking offers a much more flexible option than renting a full-time office space. Instead of paying for more than you need, you can rent a coworking space based on the number of hours you’ll actually use it. 

Spaces might offer certain days of the week, or certain hours of the day, so you can choose the plan that best suits you. Since you’re probably already setting your own schedule, this lets you maximize productivity by actually working during the hours when you do your best work.

3. Better Networking

Where better to expand your network than a coworking space?

This can include both meeting new friends to hit up happy hours with, and meeting possible new clients or connections for work. This can help you achieve the business growth you want, while also maintaining an excellent work-life balance.

4. Less Loneliness

Even if you’re not interested in leveraging networking opportunities, coworking can help you feel less alone.

If you work when the house is empty (or you live alone all the time), work can quickly become isolating. You don’t need to talk to anyone in a coworking space yet to start feeling the benefits of having people around. After a few days, you might even feel like getting to know them! 

5. Save Time and Money

Coworking can help shorten your commute, saving valuable time and reducing stress. If you used to work in a far-away office, consider transitioning to a coworking space instead.

Of course, coworking is also cheaper than paying rent in an office. You won’t need to pay for utilities, repairs, and other costs of keeping an office running. Coworking lets you tap into lots of new resources without needing to pay for them. 

6. Improve Productivity

Many people find that they’re most productive in a casual-yet-professional environment. It’s not too stuffy, but also not packed with distractions. Coworking spaces tend to strike the perfect balance to meet those needs.

Some also find that having other people around helps them feel enough pressure to get their work done. If you’re working where other people are working, you’ll feel less tempted to scroll through Twitter for hours at a time.

7. Discover New Tools

These spaces, and the people you meet in them, are excellent resources for new tools you can use.

Some of those tools are simple, like chic conference rooms where you can host clients. Others might be high-tech, such as organization apps that your fellow coworkers will clue you into.

It often just takes one little tool to make your whole job easier. You probably won’t find them all by yourself, but coworking will expose you to the valuable new ideas and equipment you need to thrive.

8. Expand Your Income

Some of the connections you make through a coworking space can become new clients. This helps you grow your income and take on new opportunities.

You might be able to do some work for other people’s clients, too. For example, maybe you meet a graphic designer whose client needs a copywriter. If you write copy, you’ve just found a perfect opportunity for new work.

9. Meet New People

Sometimes, those opportunities come from the most surprising places. One of the best things about coworking is how it lets you meet people from all kinds of different industries.

In many work-related spaces, you only meet people who do what you do. Writers go to writing conferences, while photographers take photography workshops. But when you expand your circles to include people from other professions, it’s much easier to find new opportunities.

10. Change the Scenery

When you work at the same desk every day, it’s easy to get caught in stagnant patterns. The change of scenery offered by a coworking space can help shake you out of a rut and get your creativity flowing.

Even within the coworking space, you can change it up. Try working by a different window or in a different room. Moving around might give you just the breakthrough you needed.

11. Keep a Set Schedule

With coworking spaces, there’s an incentive to stick to a schedule. This can help you get more done and waste less time in your day.

Keeping a schedule frees up your post-work hours for the things you really want to do. It ensures that work can’t bleed into your free time. With a coworking space, you start work when you get there and stop when you leave. It naturally lends itself to a schedule.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Coworking?

No matter what industry you’re in, the benefits of coworking can do you a world of good. Don’t just take my word for it — give one a try and see for yourself!

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