The Fabulous Mochi Ice Cream Flavors That You Need To Taste

Any fan of ice cream will rejoice when they get a little taste of this special version of the frozen dessert. If you try this tasty twist on ice cream, you will wonder why you took so long to find it and why you don’t have boxes of it stocked in your freezer. The only trouble that you will have with this amazing treat is deciding what fabulous flavor to eat first.

Don’t fret if you haven’t heard of this ice cream interpretation before this moment—mochi ice cream is a phenomenal dessert made of a sphere of velvety ice cream, which is then wrapped in a soft blanket of sweetened rice dough called mochi. The best part about this ice cream dessert is that you don’t have to go to a specialty shop, parlor or trendy restaurant to get it — you can find boxes of My/Mo Mochi ice cream in the frozen food section a grocery store. There are no spoons or scoops needed because you can simply open the box, pull out a portion and eat it with your hands. You can alsoput the servings in a sundae, in a banana split, in a root beer float and in any other treat that you can imagine.

The only problem you will have with getting boxes of mochi ice cream is choosing what kind you want to try first. The brand carries a variety of different mochi ice cream flavors that cater to every possible taste — they offer options for those who prefer classic dessert flavors and for those who are more than willing to be a little adventurous. For the people who can’t let go of the classics, they have flavors like vanilla bean and double chocolate. For those who are more daring when it comes to their cuisine, they can try the green tea mochi ice cream made with the all-natural flavor of the potent and refreshing ingredient normally served in a teapot.

Soon My/Mo Mochi will have a new flavor joining their tempting selection so that you can have even more options to wonder about when you’re standing in the frozen food aisle. They are introducing salted caramel as their delicious new addition—the fact that salt and caramel is considered one of the best food pairings of all time makes this an incredible decision. The flavor will soon be available in mochi ice cream, dairy-free mochi ice cream and in ice cream pints with little mochi bits inside. While you’re waiting for the salted caramel to hit the shelves, you have plenty of time to try boxes of double chocolate, vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, sweet mango, green tea, ripe strawberry, and cookies and cream.

Mochi ice cream comes in a rainbow of colors and a wide selection of flavors that will make your mouth water. The only way to find out what kind will be your favorite of the bunch is to try each and every single one.

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