Ryan Grigson Discusses the Cleveland Browns’ Logo

As the new personnel executive for the Cleveland Browns, Ryan Grigson is trying to raise the spotlight on his team. There are a number of things that make the Browns truly unique, one of those being their fantastic fan base. Another thing is their logo, and the lack of logo on their helmet.


Ryan Grigson on the Cleveland Browns’ Logo


The Cleveland Browns are the only professional team within the NFL that do not have a logo on the helmet. In fact, the fact that these helmets do not have the logo is the official logo of the Cleveland Browns. Throughout the years, the franchise has tried using several promotional logos. Between 1957 and 1960, players would have their number painted on it. In 1965, a CB logo was created but it was never used. Instead, The Browns have virtually always simply had a burnt orange helmet without a logo and nothing but a dark brown top stripe that has been divided by a white stripe. This is officially named the seal Brown.


Throughout the years, a range of promotional logos have been developed. The Brownie Elf was particularly popular and continues to be a mascot. Additionally, having a brown letter B printed on a white football was also quite popular. The Brownie Elf disappeared in the middle of the 1960s on orders of Art Modell. He felt that this mascot was far too childish. However, the current ownership disagrees and has returned it to its former glory. Additionally, various Browns functions are now attended by a brown and orange dog, which stems from the Dawg Pound section in the stadium in which the Browns play, which is the FirstEnergy Stadium.


In 2015, new world Marks and logos were unveiled by the team. However, very little changed. There were a few color changes on the helmet, but only a trained eye would be able to see that.


The uniform that the Browns players wear has remained virtually unchanged over the years. They have almost always have the same socks, pants, and Jersey. It was only the helmets that has gone through a lot of changes. 2015 was the last time there was a major change in the uniforms for The Browns players and this was actually the first time there was a change in history. the exception is that come out for quite a few years, The Browns would wear white if they played at home, which was particularly popular during the 70s and 80s and when the team return to the League at the start of the change of the millennium. Interestingly, The Browns have long been the only non subtropical team to wear white for home games while being north of the Mason-Dixon line.


In 1961, the players finally started to be fitted with TV numbers on their Jersey sleeves. Sleeve stripes have changed little bits during the 60s but I have always been a basic 5 stripe sequence period only during 1984 date they change a little bit. Recently, the initials AL were added in order to remember Al Lerner who was the team owner. However, when Jimmy Haslam took up ownership in 2013, the AL letters were removed.

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