Recovering After A Disastrous PR Campaign

Not all marketing campaigns work. Some of them fail to attract audiences. It is understandable that not all marketing efforts work. However, there are instances when the campaign turns out to be a major disaster. Instead of boosting the company, it does the opposite. The campaign damages the reputation of the company.

Several businesses have experienced backlash over the years because of their marketing campaigns. It might be due to the insensitive campaign that they launched. It might also be because of some messaging issues. Others offended people unconsciously. Regardless of the reason, it is crucial to turn things around. You can’t leave everything this way. Here are some tips to escape a disastrous PR stunt and improve the reputation of your company.

Acknowledge the problem and apologise if necessary

Some people are willing to forgive the business for the mistake it committed provided that there is an apology. Immediately release a statement following the problem and apologise if need be. The apology must be sincere, without buts and ifs. The apology should also avoid justifying the mistake. Be straightforward about what happened, and perhaps, the people will be willing to give the company a second chance. You can’t let this issue pass without issuing an apology in hopes that people will forget.

Do the right thing

Make amends for the mistakes committed. If you offended a specific group, make it up to them, and do something to make them feel better. If the error is about a particular commercial, take it down immediately. Replace it with something that has a better meaning. Don’t double down on the mistake since it will just annoy people.

Send a letter to your loyal customers

Perhaps, at this point, it is difficult for you to pick up new customers to buy what you offer. At the very least, don’t lose the loyal customers you already have. Send a letter to them explaining your side, and apologising for what happened. Make them feel that you still run the same company that they trusted. It is not easy to keep their trust at this point, but you still need to do whatever you can to appease them.

Rebuild your reputation 

After this incident, you need to build everything from scratch. Pick the pieces up, and start over again. A lot of companies did the same thing until they rebuilt their name. Don’t let this incident stop you from rising again. If the problem was in the ads you used online, try traditional advertising this time. Start with local audiences. Regain their trust by sending out flyers and brochures. Put up pull up banners in malls and schools. When they start seeing your company trying to change its image, they might feel interested in giving you another chance. Be consistent with your message this time, and avoid the same mistake that you did in the past.

It is inevitable for some companies to suffer from mistakes related to advertising. It is not about the fall, but what you do to recover.

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