Party On! How to Throw a Party Your Guests Will Never Forget


Everyone loves a good party, but not everyone likes to host. 

Hosting is a lot of work! Between sending out the invitations, getting everything set up, and managing the flow of the party on the day-of, it’s hard to actually have fun yourself. But, there are many things you can do to better prepare for the event and make sure everyone has a good time – including you!

Here are 5 tips on how to throw a party everyone will be talking about for weeks and that you can enjoy just as much as your guests.

1. Pick a Theme  

It’s one thing to throw a birthday party or a housewarming, and it’s another to make this event an excuse for people to dress up and get loose. Most people show up to house parties in jeans and a nice shirt, if that. 

If you set a theme for your party, though, everyone will put a little more effort into the event. They’ll get creative in the way they dress and they’ll be more excited to see how the night plays out, too. 

You can stick with classic favorites like a Mardi Gras or Gaspy theme. Or, you can think outside the box and come up with a more unique theme.

Whatever you choose, make sure you include the theme details in your Replied App RSVP Service. This way, everyone will know to prepare accordingly!

2. Create a DIY Photo Booth 

Whatever your theme is, make sure you have the right decorations to match. Take the time to put up streamers or set up balloons. Maybe even consider getting a banner!

Don’t forget the photo booth, though. 

DIY photo booths are easy to create and so much fun for everyone to enjoy. All you need is an open space, a backdrop, and a handful of props. People can take the pictures with their phone cameras or you can have a professional camera ready to go. 

3. Prepare Plenty of Food 

A photo booth is fun and all, but the food is what keeps a party going. 

Pro tip: prep your food the day before the party so you don’t have as much to worry about on the day-of. You can choose between catering the treats you’ll provide or making everything yourself, just make sure there’s plenty to go around. 

To make this part of the party even more exciting, make plates that fit the theme. 

4. Make a Party Playlist 

No party is complete without music.

Make a playlist ahead of time so that you can better enjoy the party with all your guests. Be sure to put a good mix of different types of music and try to create a flow from song to song. Your guests will definitely appreciate it.

5. Be a Good Host!

The way you host will make or break how the party goes. 

You don’t want to be the host that’s on top of people and trying too hard. But, you do want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and included. Make it a point to introduce the people that don’t know each other and to start up conversations around the room. 

Do your rounds to show your appreciation for each person’s presence, and make sure you thank everyone before they leave. These small actions have such a big difference in your guests’ experience. 

How to Throw a Party Together at the Last Minute

It’s one thing to figure out how to throw a party everyone will love when you have a lot of time to plan. But, it’s a lot harder to throw something together when you decide to host an event at the last minute!

Not to worry: whether you’re planning your wedding reception a year from now or a last minute party for this weekend, the tips above are all you need to succeed.

If you’re having trouble picking a theme for your upcoming gathering, click here

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