Nenadi Usman on How to Get Political Support from Those who Truly Matter – The People

Politicians may be incredibly good at what they do, they won’t be able to get anywhere unless the people support them. Nenadi Usman understands that this is down to not just talking the talk and saying all the right things, but getting people to believe that you will actually do things to benefit them. It is vital to understand how support among the people is built for anyone who wants to take on a position in public office. In Nigeria, there are some cultural struggles to overcome as well, relating to gender division, which further adds to the uphill challenge that is getting a government position.

Nenadi Usman on Getting Public Support

It takes a lot of hard work for someone to become a successful politician and inspire people. Many different things have to be taken into consideration. People do not trust anyone who asks for it. Instead, they look for those who have proven that they are worthy of this trust. Those are the people that get the votes. This means that, as a politician, you also have to have the knowledge required to take on your position, focusing on the office you want to run for. After all, you need to be able to deliver on your promises, and that must come with concrete plans. At the same time, you have to understand the smallest of details of issues facing certain communities and you must be able to show how you aim to resolve those.

Nowadays, people are outspoken. They know what they want from their representative. They look for very specific qualities, and a good politician is able to measure what those qualities are and how to portray to the public that they have them. A good politician also knows how to stick to those principles. People will think nothing of not voting for someone they don’t feel is perfect, and they are just as quick to switch allegiance as well. Hence, politicians must also work on their reputation and maintain it. They can do this by transparency. People will look for those skeletons hidden in the closet and if there are any to find, they will expose them. However, you also have to be transparent about your aims and aspirations, so that people know what to expect from you.

Lastly, you have to choose a political viewpoint. People have to know what you personally believe in, and whether that is something that they believe in as well. You must have an allegiance to the left, right, or center and be clear about that. You will never be able to build a following of loyal supporters on the left side of politics if you hold right-winged beliefs yourself, for instance. Honesty, transparency, modesty, and a genuine desire to want to change the world for the better are the key qualities that people look for in their politicians. If you have that, you might just be able to make it.

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