How to Find a Sugar Daddy: 13 Tips on Finding a Man With Lots of Cash


Sugar daddies and their sugar babies tend to get a bad rap. Some wealthy and successful men are targets for gold diggers. But when the relationship works for both parties, who are we to judge?

Some women stumble upon their sugar daddies, meeting them by chance. While others make finding a sugar daddy their mission. If you’re the latter, this article is for you. 

Read on to find 13 tips on how to find a sugar daddy and secure your financial future.

1. Be Persistent

Finding a sugar daddy isn’t all fun and games. It takes hard work and dedication. Sugar babies must be persistent in their efforts.

Signing up for sugar daddy websites is usually free for sugar babies. Take advantage of this and sign up for multiple sites. You can even use the same profile photo and information for several pages.

Men’s egos need stroking. Tell the potential sugar daddy what attracted you to them first and offer up plenty of compliments. You’ll also be competing with several other sugar babies at once, so being both persistent and patient will pay off.

2. Look the Part

Let’s face it, first impressions are important. And most sugar daddies click on profiles of sugar baby’s who are attractive and sexy.

Show some skin in your profile picture but not too much. You want to look sexy and seductive without looking slutty. Leave a little something to the imagination.

One of the main things sugar daddies are looking for is arm candy. You need to maintain your appearance if you want to attract your pick of sugar daddies. 

Take pride in your body, hair, makeup, and fashion. Your sugar daddy will notice and it will work in your favor.

3. Play the Part

Sugar daddies don’t want to be nagged or pestered by their sugar babies. The relationship is supposed to be equal.

Being overly needy is a huge turn-off. If you want to find a sugar daddy, you need to play the part of a desirable sugar baby.

Your role is to make your man feel wanted, powerful, and in control. Avoid any whining or bickering. Immaturity may make your sugar daddy feel like an actual daddy, and there’s nothing worse than making him feel old.

The relationship dynamic is based on how often the sugar daddy wants to see the sugar baby and how much he’s willing to offer in return. In most cases, the sugar baby will accommodate the sugar daddy’s needs. That means you should be flexible and agreeable, within your comfort level.

4. Know Where to Find Them

Looking for a sugar daddy means knowing where to find them. There are countless websites available like Seeking Arrangement that helps pair sugar daddies with their babies.

But if you want to get out from behind the computer screen, there are places to go where sugar daddies hang out. Head to the rich part of town. VIP clubs, exclusive restaurants, and high roller events are great places to find a sugar daddy.

5. Set Realistic Expectations

If you’re just starting out as a sugar baby, don’t set your expectations too high. Or too low.

Before you start prospecting sugar daddies, choose a reasonable price range. Don’t expect too much from your sugar daddy but don’t sell yourself short either. 

The average sugar baby allowance is between $1,500 and $3,000 per month. The average sugar daddy makes $250,000 annually. Set your allowance expectations from the start to avoid confusion. 

6. Work for It

Sugar babies are considered “kept women”. But landing a sugar daddy takes finesse and you should be ready to work for it.

It’s your job to strike up a conversation and attract a wealthy businessman. The sugar daddy does minimal work. Get creative with your approach and conversational skills. 

Don’t limit your scope to only one sugar daddy, either. Consider a few prospects at once until you find the right fit. This means keeping their credentials and profiles organized as you learn more about them.

It also means keeping records of which sugar daddies you’ve spoken to and how things went. Just because you didn’t make a connection with one sugar daddy on the first go-around, doesn’t mean he may not be a possibility later on.

7. Create a Persona

When you create your online sugar baby profile, you may want to adopt a persona. Lots of sugar babies use false names and jobs. Part of your persona should include being honest about your appearance.

Always use an accurate photo. After all, you’ll eventually meet your sugar daddy in person. 

There’s no need for a prospective sugar daddy to know details about your personal life. At least, not yet. If you come to a working agreement, you can share more personal information. 

But, until then, use your profile to practice role-playing or creating a fantasy “alter ego”.

8. Highlight Your Best Qualities

You need to stand out from the rest of the sugar babies online. This means highlighting your best and most unique qualities.

What makes you different from the other girls online? What do you have to offer that no one else does?

Be sure to include these attributes in your profile and mention them during chats with your potential sugar daddy.

9. Beware of Salt Daddies

Where there are sugar daddies, there lies the risk of being bated by a salt daddy. A salt daddy lurks on sugar daddy sites, luring sugar babies to engage in conversation.

The problem is, these men don’t have the goods to back up their claims as a sugar daddy. They’re neither rich nor successful and are ill-prepared to engage in a healthy sugar relationship.

Weeding out salt daddies is part of the game. Here a few signs you’re dealing with a salt daddy.

  • Makes empty promises
  • Obsessed with the sexual aspects of the relationship
  • Pays you via Western Union or a check, then asks for a portion of the money back
  • Schedules dates then don’t show up or cancel last minute

The more aware you are of the warning signs, the easier it is to spot these imposters.

10. Proceed With Some Caution

Any time you enter a dating or intimate relationship online, you need to protect yourself. Proceed with caution when engaging with sugar daddies. They all may not be as honest as they seem.

This is why not using your real name or private details is recommended. Like with any relationship, the trust between sugar babies and their daddies must be built and earned. Avoid blindly believing everything your sugar daddy says.

11. Find a Mentor

There were sugar babies before you and there will be sugar babies after you. So, why not take some tips from the experts?

Try networking with other sugar babies who have successfully landed sugar daddies who meet your same criteria. Some may be unwilling to share their secrets but most will offer basic advice for success.

You can also find an experienced sugar daddy to help guide you and teach you about the sugar lifestyle.

12. Put Thought Into the First Meeting

Initial contact between you and prospective sugar daddies usually happens online via email or chat. Messaging your sugar daddy of choice takes practice. Contact should be flirtatious and direct but not overbearing.

After exchanging a few messages and perhaps talking on the phone, you’ll want to meet in person. A lot can happen during this first date. But the one thing that shouldn’t is sex.

Although the relationship you have with your sugar daddy is non-traditional, some of the same basic dating rules apply. Having sex on the first date signals to the sugar daddy that you do this often. For some, it’s a major turn off. And before background checks are done, it’s also dangerous. 

Just because your sugar daddy is wealthy doesn’t mean he’s the type of person you want to spend time with. Meeting in person will help you both determine if the relationship has a future. 

Start with informal drinks rather than dinner. Ask important questions like what you want and expect from your sugar daddy and if those arrangements work for him. Usually, by the end of the initial meeting, you both know if you’re a good match.

13. Understand What You’re Agreeing To

Not all sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships are the same. You can set whatever boundaries make you comfortable and should do so from the start.

Outline the parameters of your relationship. Will there be sex involved or is it strictly dates, appearances, and companionship? Your sugar daddy will enjoy showering you with gifts and money but will expect something in return.

If you plan on being intimate with your sugar daddy, discuss how many other partners you both have. Use protection or ask your sugar daddy to show you a recent STD test.

Now You Know How to Find a Sugar Daddy

If the sugar lifestyle is right for you, you can use these tips on how to find a sugar daddy to start your search. Create a profile and a sugar baby persona.

Be ready to turn on the charm as you engage several prospects in conversation. Need help preparing your sugar baby look? Check out some tips for cleaning out your wardrobe and adopting a new style for the new you!

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