Four handy tips to keep in mind when buying a house

Buying a house is a very common process. Pretty much everyone has to go through the process of browsing, visiting, evaluating and purchasing some real estate. However, a lot of people have very limited knowledge about what separates a good buy from a poor one. With that in mind, we’ve decided to compile a short list of things and tips that could be useful to someone who is in the search for a house! Let’s begin.

Tip No. 1 – Check out the surrounding area

Some people like to joke that there are three things that go into the final value of real estate. Those three things are: location, location and location. And to a degree – they are absolutely right. How nice the people are, how clean the streets are, how clean the air is, what parks are nearby and such things play a large factor into a proper everyday life.

There are a lot of instances of great and beautiful houses in poor locations. Think about the near future also – is the location good for a pet, a child, is it safe – etc.

Tip No. 2 – Visit without the agent & ask around

The real estate agent will present all of the benefits to you, but will definitely hold out on any negative aspects that could be worth the attention. This is why if you’re serious about purchasing, you have to do your own recon work.

Visit the house without the agent (if possible), ask the neighbours about the house, maybe they know something you don’t. It’s always a good idea!

Tip No. 3 – Look for premium materials indoors

If you see something like a marble stone table (in good condition) or charred accoya cladding, or just nice furniture in general, you can be sure that previous inhabitants cared about their home and their comfort. It’s never fun to live in a beat down house, so always keep an eye out for indications that the house is in good condition.

Tip No. 4 – Think about the ease of reselling

Some houses are not just fit for resell. Maybe they’re in a deteriorating neighbourhood, maybe the house itself is super-extravagant. The home you move into might not be your last home, so keep the idea of a possible resale at the back of your head!


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