Color, Color, Color: How to Dye Your Hair Properly at Home


There’s nothing like switching things up by trying out a new hair color. Whether you’re going for a subtle highlight or a wild rainbow hair color, nobody can deny that coloring your hair can be fun.

Going to the salon for a professional dye job would be ideal, but some people don’t have the time or money to do it.

If you’re used to going to salons, you may think that dying your hair at home can be tough.

Granted, if you aren’t sure what you’re doing a hairstyle experiment can easily turn into a disaster. But if you know the right way to handle coloring your hair, you can have professional looking dye job.

If you want to learn how to dye your hair the right way at home, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn pro tips for dying hair.

How To Dye Your Hair At Home 

As you can see from this useful site, dying your hair the wrong way could have disastrous results that go far beyond having a less than ideal color.

Improperly dying hair can lead to breakage, split ends, and in some severe cases scalp irritation. 

There’s a lot that can go wrong. But if you follow the tips in this post, you’ll be sure to have a great hair dying experience.

Avoid Drastic Changes

Before we get into what you should do when you dye your hair, let’s spend a little time on what you should never do.

The most important rule of home hair dying is to avoid drastic changes. If you want to lighten your hair a bit, feel free to experiment! If you want to completely switch colors, you’ll want to go to a salon or beauty clinic.

The general rule of thumb is to never alter your hair at home more than three shades darker or lighter than what you currently have. 

Lightening and darkening hair can dramatically take time. Going from a dark brunette to a platinum blond color can take multiple dye jobs. 

Consider Your Usual Color Palette

Have you ever seen a color on someone else and thought it would look great on you, then tried it out for yourself and hated it? You may have liked the color, but it may not have matched your natural colors.

Let’s take a little time to think about warm and cool tones.

If your eyes are brown, blue, or hazel with flecks of blue or green, your skin is most likely cool toned.

If you have a cool tone, you should consider hair colors that have a cool tone of their own. Blue-hued blacks, beige blond, and a burgundy red would look radiant with your features. 

If your eyes are a deep brown, light blue, or hazel with brown flecks, your skin may be warm-tone.

When you’re choosing hair colors, try to go with something that has a warm golden tone. An auburn red, black with reddish tones, or a golden brown would look great with these features. 

Prep Your Hair

If you want to have a professional looking dye job at home, you need to start off on the right foot.

Color tends to work best with dirty hair. Freshly conditioned hair can be too slippery and could make it difficult for the color to stick.

Aim for trying to get your hair dyed 24 to 48 hours after your last wash. When you wait a bit, the color stays on the strand and can better penetrate for more even coloring results. 

While you’re prepping your hair, be sure to prep the rest of your body. Hair dye can get messy, especially when you don’t have the luxury of salon tools. This is the perfect time to pull out old clothes you won’t mind getting dirty.

Divide and Conquer

Diving is the key to having a nice even, all over dye job. If you try to do everything at once, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with uneven color. 

To avoid patchiness, start by creating a middle part that runs all the way to the back of your head. Once the part is in place, split your hair into four sections.

Also, remember to apply the dye from back to front as opposed to front to back. 

When you do this, the dye gets time to sit on the back of your hair the longest. The hair on the back of your head tends to be naturally darker, so this makes the color look more natural.

Avoid Extra Damage with Shampoo

Do you have very dry ends? We’d recommend getting your dead dry ends cut before you dye at home, but sometimes getting a trim beforehand isn’t possible.

If you have very dry ends and end up dying your entire head, avoid putting the dye on the ends. 

Instead, wait three minutes before you’re supposed to rinse and add a few squirts of shampoo into the dye left in the bottle. Then shake it up and apply the mixture to ends of your hair.

This little trick helps you dilute the dye, but it still gives you just the right hint of color and shine.

Fix With Conditioner

Are you a little unhappy with the way your hair turned out? Before you run to the salon for a professional fix, try out this cheap and simple trick.

Apply a deep conditioner to your damp hair, then cover your head with a plastic wrap and hot, damp towel. Leave that on for 20 minutes, and blast your hair with a blow dryer halfway through.

Once you’ve done that, you can shampoo and condition your hair like normal.

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