A Quick 101 on Stainless Steel Nails

Stainless steel nails have been treated specially using a range of different procedures. This is done to make them more durable and more resistant to corrosion from moisture and salt. Because of this enhanced durability and resistance to the elements, these nails are preferred over copper or brass, which cannot be used outside. The only type of nail that can meet the resistance of stainless steel ones are galvanized nails to which another metal is applied. Usually this metal is zinc.

Understanding Stainless Steel Nails

There is some disagreement over whether galvanized nails or stainless steel nails are the best options to use. The reality is that it all  depends on what the nails are used for. This is particularly true because there are different methods of galvanization, which means no two galvanized nails are created equally, where is all stainless steel nails have the same properties. Should you be considering a project in which you require nails that are resistant to the elements therefore, it is perhaps best to speak with a DIY expert to determine which type would be best for your needs.

Stainless steel nails, many people think, are also more beautiful. Indeed, the metal can be either matte or shiny, which allows them to be used in projects where it is known that the nail will be visible. In fact, stainless steel nails are used quite commonly in works of art, particularly forms of Modern Art. furthermore, a lot of people are now interested in upcycling old pieces of furniture, something in which stainless steel nails are used quite extensively.

At their heart however, stainless steel nails are used for various construction projects. Because of their strength and durability they are able to keep two materials together with great ease, even if these materials are used outdoors. They come in a range of different shapes, sizes,  widths, and lengths.  The head of the nail can range from a simple pin to a wide circular head, some of which may even be flattened when hammering.

Someone who is not an expert in DIY may find themselves quite confused at the amount of different stainless steel nails that are available. Particularly when you consider the fact that one of the benefits of stainless steel is that strength and durability of the metal is consistent across the board. As said earlier, this is what sets them apart from their galvanized counterparts. Should you have a requirement for stainless steel nails therefore, it is important to think about exactly how you will need them and what you will need them for. For instance, a different stainless steel nail will be required for furniture building to attaching shingles to a roof.

Thankfully, home decor shops will be more than happy to help you identify which nail is most suitable to your needs. The shops exist both on the high street and online. Good online stores have excellent customer service where you can pose your questions and make sure you are sent the correct nails for your needs.

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