8 Amazing Things You Can Make with a 3D Printer


Are you thrilled and interested in the amazing possibilities that 3D printing has to offer? Are you avidly looking up the next big advancement in this tech industry?

If so, you’re probably also aware of the excessive and unnecessary items people are making with 3D printers. Do we really need to add more junk to our overpopulated and trash-crowded world?

But don’t let the overuse of 3D printers dissuade you from your interest. The amazing projects and things you can make with a 3D printer make them invaluable tools for all industries and businesses. 

Wondering where to start? What 3D printing ideas are worth it? We’ve compiled a list of 8 projects that have numerous applications that also show off the amazing abilities of this technology.

1. Decor

Whether you’re decorating your office, your home, or both, you can 3D print many of the items you need. Whether that’s a lamp, a clock, a plant pot, coasters, abstract sculptures, pencil holders, vases, or candle holders, you can find programs and templates that are ready-to-print.

The great thing about using 3D printing to decorate your space is that you can customize the items exactly to your liking. Buying something at a traditional store might leave you with only a few design or color options.

3D printing puts the design process right in your hands.

You can create decor in your brand colors and shapes to fully incorporate your business into the office, or you could infuse your personal style directly into the items you print!

2. Guns

3D printing guns have been a hot topic issue regarding its legality. But as of right now, you’re able to 3D print a working gun with your own 3D printer even if you’re not licensed or a registered gun owner.

Yes, you read that right. A working gun. They can really be shot and used just like a gun you buy from a dealer. 

Using high-quality materials is essential when 3D printing guns because of the high amount of force and heat generated when shooting a firearm. You’ll need to use high-quality polymers and metals to print a safe firearm.

3. Wall Mounts

Want to mount your guitar on the wall? What about a skateboard? Or your child’s bathrobe on their door? A television? Or your towels? Or your new 3D printed gun? 

Simply 3D print your own wall mounts! You can go simple like this design for a tablet and this one for a guitar. Or, you could spice it up with your favorite characters like this design for a Donald Duck headphone mount.

4. Musical Instruments

Speaking of a wall mount for your guitar, did you know you can 3D print your own guitar? You can actually print a number of your own musical instruments including guitars, drums, drumsticks, flutes, violins, and more.

5. Medical Devices

Most of the things we’ve gone over so far have been for fun or have some applications to business/industry. 3D printed medical devices, though, are widely applicable in the healthcare and technology industries.

With 3D printing, researchers and doctors have been able to make huge breakthroughs in medical models, prosthetics, and patient-specific items. It also allows for the creation of complex structures and extremely small scale devices that weren’t possible to make before the innovation of 3D printing.

One example of such a breakthrough is using 3D printing along with patient scans. This allowed doctors and scientists to use patient-specific scans to create a clear and detailed 3D model of the internal happenings of patients.

This helps expedite diagnosis and gives doctors a clearer idea of how to help that patient.

6. Tools

Do you run a business that requires a number of specific tools? Or are you the handy person around the house that’s in constant need of different wrenches, hammers, and screwdrivers?

You can use your 3D printer to your advantage to print out the exact tools you need for each project. Gone are the days where you have to constantly run out to the hardware store to buy a new tool for each project. Now, you can simply print out what you need as you go.

7. Industrial Parts

Along the same vein as tools are industrial parts. Thanks to breakthroughs in materials and methods of 3D printing, companies like Vision Miner can print out heat resistant, strong, high-quality parts that can be used in a variety of machines and industrial applications.

Not only can having your industrial parts 3D printed make the part-making process quicker and more efficient, but it can also lower your carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly.

8. Fabric/Clothing

Speaking of environmental friendliness, did you know that clothing and shoes are some of the biggest sources of waste on the planet? Fast fashion is wreaking havoc on our environment and on human rights.

3D printed clothing creates recyclable and more environmentally friendly items of clothing, shoes, and accessories. The process to 3D print clothes uses fewer resources and doesn’t require the exploitation of cheap labor as classic fashion does.

There are also charitable applications of printing fabric and clothes. Imagine being able to simply print a pair of shoes for every child who doesn’t have a pair? Or being able to easily recycle old clothes into brand new ones without using new materials?

8 3D Printing Ideas to Get You Started

This list of 3D printing ideas is just the tip of the iceberg. From healthcare to decor to lifestyle, you can find a long list of ways 3D printing can make your life better.

Looking for other ways to help your business thrive in this innovative and digital age? Check out my article on how to use artificial intelligence in business.

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