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Cybercrime has grown massively over the last decade and cybersecurity companies are having to invest more time and money than ever before into ensuring that their systems and their software options are fit for purpose. Bharat Bhise HNA is a cybersecurity expert and a very good friend of mine who knows just about all their is about this industry. In response to a recent cybercrime article that we produced many of you wanted to know exactly why people hack. I caught up with Bharat about this and here were the

Any opportunity to get your branding and business out in the public eye is a good one, including marathons and fun runs. However, given how different they can be from more traditional advertising avenues, it can take a little bit of extra thought and planning to nail your angle. How do you set up a sponsorship booth at such an event? Read on to find out. Signage First and foremost, signage, such as media walls, is going to be the most crucial element to consider. You want your business branding

Getting an engagement ring is a big deal. Not only does it mean that you’re about to commit your life to another person, but this is a piece of jewelry that you’ll wear for the duration of your marriage. Because of this, it’s important that you’re able to find a ring that you’ll love now and forever. So to help ensure that you and your partner make the right decision, here are three tips for picking an engagement ring that you’ll love wearing forever. Consider What Shape You Want One

There’s nothing more picturesque than a wedding on the beach alongside the sand and waves. If you’re planning your perfect wedding, then it’s no surprise that you want to have your wedding in a beach setting. However, despite how picture-perfect beach weddings can be, they can also go very wrong if you don’t take the right precautions. After all, the beach is mother nature, and she is often uncontrollable. You never know what kind of surprises are around the corner when you’re dealing with the elements. The idea is to

Every year the digital marketing landscape shifts as new trends emerge that disrupt and alter it. For any business looking to stay competitive it is important to keep an eye on new trends and try to take advantage of them. To be perfectly honest there have been many trends that have either been introduced or grown by leaps and bounds throughout 2019. However the four that have had the biggest impact are: Artificial Intelligence (AI) While technically AI is not new, it is still being rapidly developed at a breakneck

Good oral hygiene is about more than just avoiding cavities or gum disease. In the long term it can make a world of difference to your overall health, and can help you avoid other major medical issues. If you want to make sure your oral health and hygiene is on track, you need to follow the right practices: Brush your teeth thoroughly a minimum of twice a day Brushing regularly can help clean the surface of your teeth and remove both plaque and bacteria. It is recommended that you brush

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