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Building an eCommerce website is easier than ever today because of the many online tools you can purchase to get one up and going quickly. Companies provide a website in a box that contains the ability to make a beautiful and functional website and simplified versions of all of the tools necessary to get the front end and back end elements of your site working smoothly. For many these tools fulfill the needs of those seeking to set up an e commerce site. However for companies who are very serious

Finding cures and treatments for cancers is a big deal! Out of all the different types of cancers out there, breast cancer has undoubtedly seen the most progress in terms of mortality rates. One of the keys behind this has been the widespread number of mammogram screening operations which happen all over the country, giving women the chance to get checked out, to hopefully catch any issues nice and early. A lot of women have a many questions about breast screening and what it entails, so I spoke with a

Waiakea Water, a provider of unique Hawaiian volcanic water, isn’t just passionate about delivering high-quality water to the masses around the world. The company is also committed to making a difference in the lives of people who need help the most. For this reason, the bottled water provider recently made donations to the Hawaii Community Foundation to meet the needs of a food bank. Waiakea Water donated $1,000, a pallet of water, and 500 masks—a valuable resource during the current global COVID-19 pandemic—to the community foundation for the food bank.

In the world today, the impact of human actions upon the environment is at the forefront of people’s minds. With climate change becoming an increasing concern many are wondering how can I reduce my carbon footprint and thereby reduce their impact upon the earth. Moreover, with dwindling natural resources still others are seeking ways whereby they can reduce their demand on these precious resources. Emphasis is increasingly being placed upon recycling, reusing and repairing. This is especially true in the home where individuals and families can make the most difference

Tourists get a lousy reputation regardless of what country they call home. Some shops hike their prices for an easily spotted tourist, while others will refuse to serve anyone who seems like a foreigner. If you’re dying to fit in, but don’t want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe to have camouflage- here’s what you can pack. Just leave the cliche visors and Hawaiian shirts at home! Although fashion changes from country to country, tee-shirts, and plain button-front shirts are universal. For women, your shirts depend on the

If you already run a small business, you likely understand that in today’s consumer climate – your online identity is equivalent to a traditional storefront. When it comes to attracting customers or piquing the interest of passersby, you have to rely on your website and social media presence. Most people shop for the majority of the products and services they buy online, so it is critical that you pay close attention to cultivating the kind of digital footprint that will make you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few

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