What you wear says a lot about you. Many people think this only relates to clothing, but this is far from true. Your jewelry can command attention and communicate elements of your personality to onlookers. However, you have to ensure you choose the right jewelry if you want all eyes on you. Personalized jewelry of all varieties, statement earrings, and statement necklaces can all make you the focus of the room. Let’s delve into this a little more. Personalized Jewelry Get your name, initials or a symbol or word which

From their first steps, to their first word, tying their shoelaces and learning to drive – as parents we never stop teaching our children the things they need to know and our kids? Well – they never stop learning from us. Even when you think they aren’t watching! One lesson that many parents struggle with is money. It’s not an easy subject to cover, and it’s not exactly an interesting one for a six year old…and there’s so much to discuss, from saving to spending, to good money habits, bank

The law states that supplements are products taken by mouth that contain a dietary ingredient. With 92% of the U.S. population deficient in at least one nutrient, supplementation may seem like the best solution. However, considering the loose terminology defining what they are, is it okay to be giving your child a supplement and what should you look out for?  We’ve compacted the most common dietary deficiencies in this article to see whether supplements for kids is right for you. Why Are Our Children Deficient in Nutrients? Nutritional foods including

Drug use in the United States has become a chronic issue. In 2013 it was estimated as many as 24.6 million people used illicit and illegal drugs. That number has only gone up in the past six years.  So if you’re falling down the rabbit hole of addiction, what do you do? What are the signs of addiction that you may be exhibiting? Is there a way to quit safely? Is there somewhere you can go to unlearn unhealthy habits? What many intervention coordinators are going to say is: Go

Plants go through some incredible growth cycles during their lifetime. Plants begin in the form of a dormant seed, waiting for its moment to shine. When ready, the plant undergoes seed germination. It will then continue stationary journey until ready to bear the fruits of its labor. Keep reading for more information on plant growth, from germination to vegetation and beyond! Seed Germination This is the spawning, fetal stage in the plant growth cycle. Plants will remain dormant in their seed form until the right conditions are met for germination. The key components for

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