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This time last month I took my good friend Anouk Govil back to my home town in Connecticut to show him how we do things back north. The pair of us are studying at university in New York and I met Anouk here, he originally comes from Los Angeles. It wasn’t just the fact that Anouk was a fellow student which forced us to bond, but also because we were both in a very different culture to that which we had come from. And so when we were off for

If you have been selected for a place at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy then first of all congratulations, this is a highly sought after position and I can assure you that you will have beaten a great many people to get this place. I myself studied at AMDA just a couple of years ago and it was the experience of a lifetime. If you want to know a little bit about what you can expect from this performing arts course, I thought that I’d share a little bit

  My buddy Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch financial advisor and Miami resident believes that the school education system should be shaped in a far more flexible way in terms of teaching business and entrepreneurialism. Patrick has been in finance his whole life and he is massively passionate about passing knowledge on to the next generation. Patrick wants his children to get better opportunities than he had and this is why he believes that we should be tailoring our education system to support young business minds. I believe that Patrick has

If you’re tired of hearing about how the Earth’s environment is rapidly degrading, then you’re probably are wondering how you can help. One of the best ways to save the Earth is by living less of a wasteful lifestyle- also known as “being green.” Eco-friendly habits start with making some simple changes within can have significant effects. A lot of people think that being green requires substantial changes which may be inconvenient. However, you can make easy and small steps which can make a big difference for the environment, without

Life can get stressful from time to time, especially when you have multiple hats to wear. Balancing your career, personal life, and everything else that life may throw at you can be overwhelming. When something stressful happens, whether you get into an accident, or lose your job, it’s easy to feel like all hope is lost. However, anyone who’s ever survived a stressful experience will tell you that negative thinking will only dig you deeper into your stresses. Rather than giving into panic, it’s essential to stay as calm as

If there’s one piece of advice that you can follow as far as avoiding negative things, it’s that you should get as far away as possible from toxic people. The first step in this equation is defining what qualities toxic people have. After that, it’s a matter of adjusting your behaviors to prevent them from getting in your orbit in the first place, or expunging them quickly if they do find a way into your life. Three specific situations will give you examples of toxic people, and then you have

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